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Ask Not What You Can Do For Your ERP...

Posted by  Jessica Tatlow

... Ask what your ERP can do for you!

We talk a lot about how Unit4 is in business for people. Our new digital platform, the People Platform, is designed to infuse back-office software not normally known for accessibility with a flexible, human touch that learns how you work and lets you make the changes that help you work more efficiently. That human touch is at the core of our Make Your Rules philosophy. Basically it means that we don’t think your software should make the rules – you should.

Making your own rules shouldn’t be intimidating. The point is to quickly and efficiently implement systems that support your workflows and processes immediately, with room for you to refine your processes as you go.

Sounds good, but what does it mean for you and your people doing the day-to-day jobs in the finance department?

The finance office is one of our main priorities at Unit4. Unit4 Business World is a complete ERP solution with finance functionality as a major focus. So, how does the People Platform underpinning Business World empower you to do your job better?

One of the main benefits of a fully finance-integrated ERP system that can respond to your internal and external changes is the ability to get trustworthy, 360-degree visibility of your organization's financial health in one place with real-time accuracy. If you could eliminate disconnected spreadsheets and disparate legacy systems that require duplicate data entry you could give your team time to focus on higher-value tasks and productive innovation. By automating end-user invoice and expense submission workflows you could avoid a lot of mistakes and reduce data entry workload for your accounts team. Finally, ad hoc financial reporting means you could pull accurate data for special reports at a moment's notice without the habitual panic and rush of end-of-month reporting time.

The finance office facilitates the magic that happens everywhere else in your organization. It increasingly takes responsibility for the data that supports strategic business decisions about the future while continuing to report on the past and present. With these weighty responsibilities on your shoulders you need the support of business systems that work with you and can be tweaked to work ever more intuitively for you. That’s what the People Platform enables you to do.

In addition to the core functionality of Business World, there are some added capabilities that we think you and your finance department will like. We deliver these as Experience Packs:

  • Analyzer, generates fresh perspective in challenging areas via helpful, customizable visualizations of the fields you’re interested in.
  • Budget Books, one-stop shop budgeting with customizable templates and mobile access.
  • Expenses, user-friendly expense filing with claim status views, mobile receipt capture and corporate card integration for complex organizations.
  • Financial Info Center, unified powerful financial reporting and analysis across your organization in one central hub.
  • Payroll, automated configurable payroll to improve efficiency and save you time, so you only have to deal with exceptions.
  • Requisitions, simpler, quicker and more intuitive procurement with an online shopping style experience complete with graphic interface and smooth, configurable processes.

Check out how Unit4 is in business for finance officers, and stay tuned for monthly blogs on how other roles can make their rules too.

Jessica Tatlow at Unit4

Jessica Tatlow

Higher Education and Not for Profit
Jessica Tatlow has been with the company since 2015 as a campaign manager and Director of the North America Marketing team, and now as the Global Marketing Director for Higher Education and Not for Profit. She determines the strategic marketing direction and planning for both the Higher Education and Not for Profit businesses at Unit4 across the full channel mix. Before joining Unit4 Jessica was a marketing consultant for organizations in industries including tech, health and non-profit. Jessica has a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University and a Master of Communication degree from the University of Ottawa.