Unit4 Connect Innovation Awards: Call for Applications

Calling All Customers: Unit4 Connect Innovation Awards Application Now Open!

Posted by  Jessica Tatlow

“Life is a lot like jazz… it’s best when you improvise.” – George Gershwin

With our annual user conference, Unit4 Connect, now a mere five months away we’re beginning to anticipate the excitement to be had in New Orleans . And our favorite part of the conference is always the Innovation Awards, which honor customers who truly embrace the agility and possibility inherent in our products to excel in their own business goals.

This year we’ve had a lot of exciting things happening at Unit4, and they are reflected in our four flagship solution categories for the 2016 Innovation Awards:

Many of our customers use Unit4 solutions in creative ways that we like to showcase because they help other customers who may have similar needs and inspire us to improve on our products . We want to hear your stories about how you have used our solutions to make a difference to your business, whether that means allowing you to respond to industry changes, differentiating yourself in the market, or enabling you to innovate in ways that have saved money, resources or time. We’re especially excited to invite Three Rivers Systems customers using CAMS Enterprise to join us at Unit4 Connect and share your own innovations that are helping you achieve great things.

Innovation Awards judging comes down to choosing a customer in each category that demonstrates how a substantial innovation, on Unit4 technology, helped a customer’s business excel. Awards will be determined based on the criteria of innovation or differentiation, agility and return on investment.

Have you jammed with Unit4 solutions in innovative ways to handle change in your organization? Have you riffed a cool enterprise solution and turned turmoil into opportunity, or responded in an innovative way to an industry or business challenge? Perhaps you’ve merged with or acquired another organization, creatively bent our software to your own needs, or uncovered new functionality that saves you money and time.

If this sounds familiar, then we want to hear about you! The Unit4 Innovation Awards program is now live and entries are due February 19, 2016. Nominations can be made by people either internal or external to your organization. Finalists will be announced in March, featured in a national press release and invited to present their stories at the Unit4 Connect User Conference in May in New Orleans, Louisiana.

For information on the winners of the 2014 Unit4 User Conference, read our blog post and check out the videos on the application page

Jessica Tatlow at Unit4

Jessica Tatlow

Higher Education and Not for Profit
Jessica Tatlow has been with the company since 2015 as a campaign manager and Director of the North America Marketing team, and now as the Global Marketing Director for Higher Education and Not for Profit. She determines the strategic marketing direction and planning for both the Higher Education and Not for Profit businesses at Unit4 across the full channel mix. Before joining Unit4 Jessica was a marketing consultant for organizations in industries including tech, health and non-profit. Jessica has a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University and a Master of Communication degree from the University of Ottawa.