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When being a slacker is a good thing

Posted by  Maggie Kerr-Southin

Unit4 adds innovative collaboration through partnership with Slack.com

I think of myself as a social media early adopter, but lately I’m not always on the leading edge – there are so many choices and I have so much work to do! I’m lucky to work for a technology firm that propels me forward.

Last week we were excited to announce Unit4’s partnership with Slack.com. This young company has crammed the best of SMS, Facebook, Yammer and document review functionality into one tool that enables in-system collaboration in a way I haven’t experienced before.

I’m sure you’ve been working on a project where the email thread gets ridiculous and you can’t find anything. You just want to know what one colleague said about a particular aspect of the job. Or a price quote. Or an image in an email with a subject line that doesn’t even relate. Seventy-three emails later you’re frustrated and you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole, losing focus and perhaps forgetting the purpose of your search.

What if I told you that you can participate in conversation threads right in your enterprise software, sorted into channels by project, team, topic or any other category you choose. So, for example, when planning a project, team members have access to discussion, uploaded files and links. No backtracking! I love that.

Slack is an online collaboration tool that is sure to shave hours off your week. It is so much more than a chat feature for your business. You can upload documents and, if you post an external link, Slack immediately syncs and your content becomes searchable. You can share via Twitter, Dropbox and dozens of other tools. And as Slack is web enabled, your team mates can check in from any desktop or mobile device with a Wi-Fi connection.

Slack is the opposite of email. Instead of wading through irrelevant emails and spam, your content is streamed into the correct channel, sending optional notifications depending on your preferences. You can also have private channels and direct messaging for confidential discussions.

If you’ve been following Unit4 for a while, you’ll know we love efficiency, productivity and transparency, and really focus on being the software for people-centric organizations. Slack allows us to raise the bar offer and the most streamlined ERP so far. But don’t just take my word for it.

IT analyst Holger Mueller writes: “Slack is the collaboration tool that has captured a lot of mind share and is highly desirable for enterprise users to use. Traditionally both enterprise IT and enterprise vendors have been slow at offering support for these tools, creating frustration in the user base. With Unit4 supporting bi-directional integration with Slack it not only shows people centricity in product, but also in user appreciation.”

And that’s just it. We appreciate our customers’ needs – because many of ours are the same.

The next time someone calls me a slacker, I’m going to proudly say “Yes, I am!”

Maggie at Unit4

Maggie Kerr-Southin

Maggie is the Marketing Communications Manager at Unit4 in North America and is interested in trends, public relations strategy planning, media outreach and researching arcane subjects.

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