Going for the Gold in Student Success

Higher Education Hurdles: Going for the Gold in Student Success

Posted by  Jami Morshed

Want to be a Student Success Gold Medalist? The competitive spirit of the Olympics is upon us, just in time to get in shape for a new school year.

Every Olympics sees modifications to its sporting events. Rio has seen rugby 7s and golf added; London’s rejection of baseball and softball is already being reconsidered for Tokyo, along with skateboarding and surfing.

The world of student success is also in constant flux, with changing priorities and better analytics available all the time. New events in the world of Higher Education, in arenas like non-traditional learning and student engagement sprints, have been added and improved, changing our definition of student success, not to mention how we enact and measure it. Recruitment competition is soaring to new heights with savvy students looking for innovation, high graduation rates and quality post-graduation employment opportunities when making their post-secondary applications. Pressure is mounting from the outside world, too, requiring schools to prove student success as a condition of funding!

In the midst of this Olympic style transformation, it isn’t enough to recruit top candidates and report on graduation rates four years later. Top candidates aren’t afraid of switching schools, enrollments ebb and flow with the economic situation, at-risk students fall through the cracks, and expectations for digital campus life management rising.

The hallmarks of student success that can help your team get onto the podium also include student retention, efficient degree completion pathways and actionable employment strategies for post-graduation. Still, there are some hurdles on the way to the finish line that your institution must strategize for and take in stride.

  • Recognize, in a systematic way, the signs of students who are at risk before it’s too late
  • Provide students a clear picture of the course ahead of them to get to their goals
  • Track students post-graduation so you can demonstrate your institution’s impact
  • Meet students on their digital home turf
  • Recruit quality staff and faculty, and help them use their time efficiently to coach students to success.

Download our paper, 7 Roadblocks to Boosting Student Success, to learn how to sail over these hurdles and get to gold.

Jami Morshed

Jami is vice president of global higher education at Unit4. My mission is to help colleges and universities improve student success and institutional effectiveness. I’m responsible for everything we do at the Unit4 Global Center of Excellence to help institutions prepare for the future through scalable and comprehensive software solutions that streamline and modernize core business processes while eliminating the burden of managing ever-changing technology.

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