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CFOs: Take the Self-Driving Test Part I

Posted by  Lauren O'Neil

Should you move to a self-driving financial management model?

Self-driving. The term mainly heard in the automotive industry but now creating a revolutionary experience in the enterprise world. Self-driving software implies that your software can dramatically minimize or make decisions and take action independent of human interaction. Applying it into your financial model can shape workflows and create efficiencies in inconceivable ways.

In today’s disruptive, hyper-connected business world Protiviti and ferf proves that CFOs continue to place a high priority on strategic planning. As a CFO, if you are continually looking for ways to up the ante in planning strategically and staying ahead of the curve, whether it’s guiding the business in new directions you never considered before, or striving to raise the bar on your own accomplishments, self-driving could very well be what you need to get in the driver’s seat.

Take the self-driving test to determine if a self-driving financial management model is the next step in your organization.


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