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Grayson College Walking the Walk on Student Success!

Posted by  Jessica Tatlow

Student Success is a very popular buzzword lately, and one that inspires and possesses undeniable, inherent value as an industry-wide aspiration in higher education. But it can be hard to change things up once the glow of invigorating conferences and inspirational articles wears off.

Grayson County College, in Denison, Texas, is a visionary institution that is making student success a priority – and a reality. In 2015, they announced their 2020x2020 strategy to help 2,020 students achieve success in their certificate or degree completion by the year 2020. That represents a 50% increase in completion rates, and they’re not stopping there.

Furthermore, Grayson College became a Unit4 Connect 2016 Customer Award Winner in our Growth Champion category, and we’re proud to be a small part of their ambitious project as their ERP provider. Ironically, since this award is about institutional growth, Gary Paikowski, VP Information Technology at Grayson, stresses that part of the new strategy includes the recognition that although recruitment and enrollment is important to any institution, Grayson’s number one focus is the success of the students they have.

With less than a year under their belt with CAMS Enterprise, Grayson has already experienced a reduction in annual operating costs due to the system’s exceptional document imaging, at-risk student tracking and integrations with the other systems on campus. On the student side, this has translated to a single sign-on portal where students can access their learning management system (LMS), email, financial aid data and a streamlined online course registration process that helps students recognize the most efficient path to completion.

Far from taking the human element out of the campus experience, improved technology means Grayson’s service capacity is vastly increased and students can access services at their convenience, with the confidence that they will complete their studies efficiently and get out into the world.

Watch our video interview with Gary Paikowski, VP Information Technology, and Casey Ticknor, Director of Administrative Computing. How is your institution striving for student success?

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