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Posted by  Lauren O'Neil

Do you find yourself dragging your feet to submit your expenses because the whole process is just too elaborate? And it’s not complex per se, it’s just a tedious, frustrating and long process that you don’t have time for. You are simply too busy to take three to four hours out of your day to sort through all of your receipts, log on to your online bank and credit card statements, find the crinkly receipts in your pocket, and deal with  the “oh shoot, I threw one of the receipts away” moments.

You dread it because it’s the same thing every week, month, year and it only gets worse when new company travel and per diem policies are announced, or another billing or budgeting system is implemented. You also contemplate whether it’s even worth the $50 reimbursement from the lunch and bus ticket you incurred in last week’s travel. You’ve waited this long…you’ll make up for it in other ways like selling your old dining room table or saving pennies in your piggy bank.

Research uncovered that poor expense claim processes have a negative impact on employee engagement, to the extent that many do not always claim expenses they have incurred. This leaves a hole in people’s pockets of more than $15.5 billion every year (based on data from nine countries).

Last week we announced a new self-driving Travel and Expenses solution that eradicates these feelings of resentment and defeat and fast forwards your expense management into the future. From submitting, right down to the approving expenses, expense management has never been so easy. The short video below shows the simplicity of the new system and how it uses collaborative interfaces to calculate distances through Google Maps data, and categorizes expense receipts using recognition technology – watch and see for yourself:

On top of making it extremely automated, the natural interfaces and language makes this system self-driving, removing tedious, non-value added tasks, and empowering you to achieve more and not give a second negative thought about processing your expenses.

As quoted by one of customers, Bouvet, “We wanted to make [our employees] lives easier, support them to focus on their customers and improve the situation for the finance team. The new mobile experience and functionality in the Unit4 system excited our people from the start. Its ability to self-drive and self-learn means no more paper, postage, manual input, signing and handling. We expect to achieve approximately a cumulative two-year savings of employees’ time annually.”

What are you waiting for? Request a demo today so you no longer have to dread travel and expense management.

Lauren at Unit4

Lauren O'Neil

Lauren is the Online Marketing Manager at Unit4 in North America. She’s interested in digital transformation, the power of social, and analytics.