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What happens at EDUCAUSE...

Posted by  Jessica Tatlow

... Stays with us throughout the year!

Once upon a time in sunny Anaheim, against the magical backdrop of Disneyland, Higher Education IT leaders and experts came together to share ideas and innovations to grow universities and colleges, and improve student success.

Last week we had the privilege to be an EDUCAUSE Gold Sponsor at the 2016 Annual Conference, and we had a blast! Twenty-three of my Unit4 blue-clad colleagues from across North America, including Boston, St. Louis, Vancouver, Philadelphia, LA, were in force to talk ERP, SIS and digital assistants.

Photo of Unit4 booth at EDUCAUSE

From the excitement of the trade show floor and live software demonstrations, to our sponsorships and our panel discussion with higher education experts Rob Curtin at Microsoft and Jeff Alderson at Eduventures, and CIO customers Jay Sample at Claremont Lincoln University and Scott Krajewski at Augsburg College, it was a big week.

In a cool new initiative this year, we interviewed and filmed attendees to discuss the future of Higher Education IT and what it meant to them in their roles. Here are some highlights:

  • David Johnson, President at JohnsonERP Consulting LLC, talks about how technology enables students (and even faculty!) to connect and share information to help them succeed.

  • Robin O’Callaghan, Instructional Designer at Winona State University, talks about technology that is easy to use for both staff and students to streamline learning, especially with video. Click here
  • Stead Halstead, Director of IT at Northwest Christian University, talks about how chat bots facilitate student self-service so they can find the information they need to succeed.

  • Robert Howard, Deputy CIO at University of Alabama at Birmingham, talks student recruitment and admissions, and how technology can make it easier for students to get into the classroom and beyond. Click here
  • Salah Shakir, CIO at Midway College, talks about making technology in Higher Education more like the social media this generation of students is already used to. Click here

We heard from those gathered that universities and colleges across North America, and the world, are ready for more modern enterprise software that puts students first and gives university staff the tools to make sure the institution’s data is being efficiently used to serve staff and students better. That’s the idea behind our digital assistant, which removes the UI from interactions with enterprise software and translates with natural language processing. Click here to learn more about our digital assistant technology, Wanda.

Congratulations to the winners of our daily prize draw for the Microsoft Surface Book!

Photo of Microsoft Surface winner

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year in Philadelphia at #EDU17, booth 409!

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Jessica Tatlow

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Jessica Tatlow has been with the company since 2015 as a campaign manager and Director of the North America Marketing team, and now as the Global Marketing Director for Higher Education and Not for Profit. She determines the strategic marketing direction and planning for both the Higher Education and Not for Profit businesses at Unit4 across the full channel mix. Before joining Unit4 Jessica was a marketing consultant for organizations in industries including tech, health and non-profit. Jessica has a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University and a Master of Communication degree from the University of Ottawa.