Eduventures Deep Dive on Cloud-based SIS

Dive into an Overview of Cloud-Based Student Information Systems

Posted by  Jessica Tatlow

As Higher Ed technology makes its way into the future, questing after the Student Success imperative, those on the cutting edge – higher education administrators, analysts and industry leaders – are trying to determine the keys to student engagement and institutional effectiveness. One marker of higher education’s forays into the future is enterprise software moving into the cloud, specifically student information systems.

Cloud is here

According to a recent MeriTalk survey of IT pros in public sector and higher education, 81% of those in higher education anticipate spending more on cloud next year. It’s not a huge surprise since everyone and their aunts are comfortable emailing and collaborating in the cloud now, but now private sector companies have broken the business application barrier, and everyone’s ready to contemplate the next step.

The benefits of cloud are many, and multiplying, and you’ve heard them all before. If you need a recap, check out our previous blog post on cloud at your speed.

Cloud-based student information systems

With a new crop of cloud-based student information systems being released to replace those clunky legacy systems that haven't had any competition in over a decade, next-gen systems are finally taking the driver’s seat and transforming institutions. By now most institutions are comfortable with hosting some of their technology in the cloud – email, web services and business apps – but larger systems, like ERP and SIS, haven't been widely available in the cloud until now.

As an emerging technology, the market for cloud-based SIS solutions is still fairly small and those that are available, in various states of readiness, aren't so homogenous that you could just pick one from a brand that you recognize and expect to end up with the same features. That’s where the expertise of analysts like Eduventures comes in.

Eduventures analysis

Eduventures is a firm that does research, analysis and consulting for higher education institutions interested in innovation. Higher education leaders go to Eduventures to help them analyze the data to make informed decisions on institutional strategies that will take them into the future.

In a recent research project that Eduventures Inc. undertook, the cloud-based student information system market was reviewed to help colleges and universities with the very conundrum of evaluating cloud-based student information systems so that when choosing a system, they can have the confidence that it will last them into the future and help them achieve Student and Institutional Success.

Read the report to get a comprehensive understanding of the market and how Workday, Ellucian, Jenzabar, Oracle, Campus Management and Unit4 Student Management stack up against each other.  What are the key factors in your search for a new student information system?

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