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Square Enix Gains Faster Time-to-Market

Posted by  Lauren O'Neil

We are introducing Square Enix today – the ‘Time Time-to-Value’ Winner from Unit4 Connect 2016 – for their exceptionally fast implementation of Unit4 Consolidation and Unit4 Business World On!. With over 1000 employees in offices located all over the world, Square Enix develops, publishes and distributes animated video games and is one of the most influential providers of digital entertainment content in the world. Some of their most well-known video games include FINAL FANTASY®, DRAGON QUEST® and TOMB RAIDER® and continue to sell millions worldwide!

The Need

As you can imagine, Square Enix needs great employees to implement efficient business processes and use dynamic business solutions to streamline them and produce accurate reporting. One of their requirements from headquarters in Japan was to consolidate and upgrade their ERP solution, Unit4 Business World On!, and implement Unit4 Consolidation across multiple offices. It was essential for their business operations to combine data from each entity for full visibility into overall business performance and create that single version of the truth.

The Immediate Benefits

Since Square Enix Europe was already extremely satisfied with their use of Unit4 Consolidation, it was a no-brainer for them to implement the solution in other locations. The project was spearheaded by three employees who were responsible for migrating data from all SE, Ltd. and SEA. Inc. entities, including translating data from Excel and Hyperion. The implementation kicked off January 1, 2015 and was completed in three months’ time, ready for the new fiscal year. Upon completion of the Consolidation implementation, up next was the rollout and upgrade of Business World in July 2015. This involved intricate work in several instances of the solution as well as third party solutions. The conclusion: the rollout and upgrade went live after about four months in January 2016, in six locations globally!

The Big Win

Aside from non-business disruption from both implementation projects, Square Enix started to see real tangible results. Prior to its eight-hour effort, routine data extraction can now be rolled up in a few minutes. Reporting also became more streamlined and accurate, taking the same amount of time to deliver the entire Square Enix West global reports as it once did for Square Enix Asia alone, essentially tripling the capacity of work to focus on higher level tasks.

One great employee, Vasi Vasikara, SquareEnix’s Business Systems Analyst, sat down with us and discussed their major win that lead them to the ‘Time-to-Value’ award. Watch as he shares their speedy implementation timeline and how “it was a big win all around!”

Unit4 Customer Awards 2016- Square Enix Time to Value Winner - Speed of Implementation from Unit4 Video on Vimeo.

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