The Top 3 IT Priorities for CIOs in 2017

Posted by  Chris Jennings

Gartner has come out with its 2017 CIO Agenda defining the IT priorities for CIOs to fully transform to a digital ecosystem in the coming year.  Wondering how your strategy compares to those surveyed? Well if your goals include strengthening your technological core, increasing organizational capabilities and improving enterprise leadership, you’re on the right track.

Let’s break down how CIOs are planning to get the job done. CIOs who put a strong emphasis on the technical core are focusing on analytics, cloud services, digital market management and security. CIOs from typical to trailing performance firms also list enterprise resource planning (ERP) as one of their top three priorities. Only eight percent of top performers listed it as a priority, most likely because they have proactively modernized in that area.

When it comes to organizational capabilities, businesses suffer from employee skill gaps in advanced analytics that keeps them from meeting objectives. This is due to technology outpacing people who can understand it, and those who are skilled using the technology, demand high salaries.

Another key component of organizational capabilities in 2017 is bimodal IT which Gartner describes as managing two separate, but coherent styles of work, one focused on predictability and the other on exploration. Sixty-eight percent of top performers are using bimodal IT and although it has been widely incorporated, bimodal IT is considered problematic by many as noted in this Forbes article.   

So last, but definitely not least, is the leadership portion. This is key since it ties to the other components. Leadership helps engage stakeholders and gets them involved in what is happening with digital initiatives. CIO leaders inform management of the importance of the digital landscape and define the execution. They understand what is important to the organization and find ways to use IT to effectively move it forward.

What are you doing in your organization to encourage a digital ecosystem?

Chris Jennings

Chris is the Marketing and Event Coordinator at Unit4 in North America. He’s interested in travelling, industry trends, and sports.