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Posted by  Jessica Tatlow

Last week Global VP of Higher Education, Jami Morshed, posted about technology trends in Higher Education for 2017.  He talks about how the digital revolution has been transforming university and college technologies for learning and administration, and how it is beginning to radically improve the student experience.

The key strategy-driving trends in education for 2017 that Jami predicts are: 

  1. Predictive analytics, which will be put to use in improving student success and retention; 
  2. AI (in enterprise technologies like ERP and SIS) that helps students and staff accomplish rote tasks, freeing up time for higher value activities – we're talking about digital personal assistants here! 
  3. CRM that supports students all the way through their academic careers and beyond, not just at admissions and alumni development time; 
  4. Non-traditional learning, and the infrastructure to support it, becoming standard; and 
  5. Mobile-first (no longer just for the young'uns) for faculty and staff interacting with enterprise applications, enabling them to work efficiently and effectively deal with employment administration. 

Now, when we talk about intuitive technology we mean that the technology itself intuits how we want to work.

What it all boils down to, I think, is this: all of us in the higher education industry want to drive success – success for students, for staff and for their institutions. The exciting thing right now is how technology has reached the point where it's no longer an intermediary getting in the way of interaction with the other (our schools, our places of employment, and each other) – after years of luddite fears about how technology removes the human connection from our lives, technology is now actually delivering on its promise to facilitate the human experience. It is letting us function and connect in the ways we like, so we can drive success in the most efficient way. 

In the software industry we have often talked about making technology intuitive – so the user understands how to use it without extensive training. But now, when we say intuitive technology, we mean that the technology itself intuits how we want to accomplish things! 

For a more in-depth look at the five key trends driving technology strategy in higher education in 2017, read Jami's original blog, here

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Jessica Tatlow

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Jessica Tatlow has been with the company since 2015 as a campaign manager and Director of the North America Marketing team, and now as the Global Marketing Director for Higher Education and Not for Profit. She determines the strategic marketing direction and planning for both the Higher Education and Not for Profit businesses at Unit4 across the full channel mix. Before joining Unit4 Jessica was a marketing consultant for organizations in industries including tech, health and non-profit. Jessica has a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University and a Master of Communication degree from the University of Ottawa.