CIP Growing Potatoes on Mars

CIP to Grow Potatoes on Mars

Posted by  Lauren O'Neil

Ton Dobbe, Chief Evangelist and long-time Customer Advocate of Unit4, recently had the pleasure of interviewing Carlos Varela (CIO) and Joel Ranck (Head of Communications) at one of Unit4’s most innovative customers, Centro Internacional de la Papa (CIP). CIP is a global organization headquartered in Lima, Peru operating in over 20 developing countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

CIP’s vision is to improve the lives of the poor - and they achieve this by working with partners to achieve food security, well-being and gender equity for poor people in root and tuber farming and food systems in the developing world. Varela says they “do this through research and innovation in science and technology, and by strengthening capacity.”

The focus of the recent interview was their vision for making a potato the first living organism on Mars. The project #PotatoesOnMars, which is being executed in collaboration with NASA, has become big news and raised the profile of CIP and its cause worldwide with over 2 billion followers. The project is led by a team of world-class scientists that aim to grow potatoes under Martian conditions in a bid to save millions of lives. In this exclusive interview, you’ll learn:

  • How the #PotatoesOnMars project links back to their mission;
  • How intuitive and back-office technology is enabling them to increase the impact of their programs; and
  • The creative funding approach they used to fund this innovative project.

Read the full interview here.


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