Unit4 Connect 2017 in Greater Palm Springs

Last chance to register for Unit4 Connect 2017

From the Editor

The Countdown is on! With only 24 days until Unit4 Connect 2017 in Greater Palm Springs, this Friday, May 12 is your last chance to register for our largest training event of the year. Here are the top reasons to register and join us at the sunny La Quinta resort for a few days of learning and networking – and maybe some relaxation by the pools! (Yes, pools!)

Reason #1: Educational Opportunities

This may seem obvious, but it is the number one reason to attend. Unit4 Connect 2017 offers an exclusive keynote, over 100 sessions, and intensive training to help you improve and learn new skills. No matter if you are a veteran or a beginner with your Unit4 solution, everyone can learn something from our skilled instructors and presenters. Discovering new ways to work with your Unit4 solution means you can improve the way you conduct your business and help unlock increased productivity within your organization.

Reason #2: Networking with Peers

With over 450 peers attending the event, Connect 2017 will bring out the social butterfly in you. Networking and speaking with like-minded people who can relate to your organization can lead to great collaboration and idea-sharing. Get a variety of different perspectives to help unlock ideas and spark inspiration. After 5 days at Connect 2017, we guarantee you will have made new friends, expanded your network across North America, and gained new skills.

Reason #3: Position Yourself as an Expert

When you are active in your industry, you begin to develop a positive reputation as an expert among your peers and clients. This will improve your personal brand and customers will feel good about doing business with those that are well-known in the industry. After 5 days of networking, learning, and improving your skills, you will no longer need to position yourself as an expert because you will be one.

Reason #4: Access to the Future at Work

Be the first to know about Unit4’s innovative products and services. In a fast-paced world, it’s important to stay one step ahead of your competition and learn about cool new ideas and solutions to help manage your day-to-day work. Learn how you can digitally engage with your customers, empower your employees, and optimize operations. You will also get a chance to meet with product experts and sponsors to see what's in store for the future.

Reason #5: It's All About Location

Still on the fence about attending? We’re pretty excited to be hosting Connect 2017 in Greater Palm Springs at La Quinta Resort. With over 41 pools, 5 championship level golf courses, shopping, hiking, and tennis, this desert getaway will maximize your investment in travel. A change of pace and environment will also improve employee productivity and creativity. Connect 2017 delegates receive a special rate which we are pleased to offer 3 days before and after the conference if you wish to extend your fun!

Ready now? Register today and we look forward to seeing you there!


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