Spring for upgraded experiences all over campus

Posted by  Jessica Tatlow

Spring is blooming – and so is Unit4 Student Management. With valuable new functionality sprouting up to upgrade your campus, you can further optimize your insitution's operations and provide a thornless student (and staff) experience! As you may have see in our announcement about the Spring Release, our student information system (SIS) just keeps getting better, helping colleges and universities in important areas, including: 

Housing Management 

“Typically maintained outside the Student Management solution, Housing is a vital component in quality of student life. Unit4 now gives institutions the ability to administer housing facilities and rooms, including roommate assignments and payments from within the core system.” 

A student who has been waitlisted for her first-choice school is likely flustered and busy making alternate plans, but hoping for that notice that they’ve been accepted. With the ability to add attachments to a Student Housing Record, and to be added to a waitlist, she can see housing options that meet her budget and submit her housing application to be waitlisted in preparation. When she receives the much-anticipated acceptance letter, her housing will be automatically assigned according to the waitlist workflow. 

Student Housing staff can run reports to make sure housing types are updated with the correct information for prospective residents, and easily run reports on waitlist length, available inventory, rooms left and more. 

Academic Progress  

“… delivering a full 360° view of each student’s progress and achievements. Institutions can monitor their students’ academic progress and manage and amend institutional rules as they change over time.” 

For example, students sometimes plan to graduate in a particular year, but without a way to easily check and visualize their progress, they may find they can’t meet that target if they’re missing key courses. Academic advisors getting an advanced notification that a particiular student is missing a necessary course to be eligible to graduate according to plan are prompted to schedule an advising appointment to go over course registrations and make sure he’s scheduled to complete all the requirements for his degree and graduate on time.  


This provides intuitions the ability monitor not only the student’s final result in a course, but also components of their courses. By collecting data such as class participation, aggregated test results and coursework, schools can better monitor both student success and course effectiveness. 

Every institution is working towards student success, but it can sometimes seem like an abstract concept. Advising officers can now flag a student at risk if they see that class participation isn't where it should be before coursework marks are even in, or if there is a pattern in the data that indicates some kind of change that needs to be checked.  

A certain calculus class, for example, may not be having the same effect on a some students as on others, and this kind of data can be a jumping off point for restructuring courses or creating new classes to cover gaps that students don't seem to be getting elsewhere. 

Extended CRM module 

“… the CRM module has been extended, delivering B2B capabilities for effectively engaging with other institutions and businesses.” 

It’s great to have a CRM for your prospects and alumni… even better to have one that tracks your entire student lifecycle! But what about the business needs of the college or university? Your staff have relationships with vendors, community partners and other institutions that also need to be tracked. Now you can keep records of which contractors to call back when a roof leaks, and what community organization to partner with on student job fairs. 

With a student information system that encompasses the whole student lifecycle and is constantly evolving to help automate and optimize more aspects of your campus operations, you can focus on tending to the success of your students and helping your campus bloom to its fullest potential! 

Jessica Tatlow at Unit4

Jessica Tatlow

Higher Education and Not for Profit
Jessica Tatlow has been with the company since 2015 as a campaign manager and Director of the North America Marketing team, and now as the Global Marketing Director for Higher Education and Not for Profit. She determines the strategic marketing direction and planning for both the Higher Education and Not for Profit businesses at Unit4 across the full channel mix. Before joining Unit4 Jessica was a marketing consultant for organizations in industries including tech, health and non-profit. Jessica has a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University and a Master of Communication degree from the University of Ottawa.