Unit4 Financials V14 Spring 2017 Release: What's new, how will it help you?

Posted by  Matt Hinchliffe

Amongst our 2017 Spring releases, Unit4 Financials V14 is especially exciting.

While we consider ourselves modest accountants who create software for other accountants it just might be a time for us to be a little more boastful about this latest release of Unit4 Financials.

Financials has always been a market leader in best-of-class financials with a unified ledger, 100% API enablement and almost unmatched flexibility. Well, with V14 we have put Financials in a class of its own; we have taken away the almost!

V14, simply put, provides unmatched dimensional flexibility allowing business driving decisions to flow seamlessly through the system.

We know that your business is ever-changing and -evolving. In fact, change is the only constant and keeping up can be a full time job on its own. What we see every day is that most companies are running their systems to accommodate business models and plans from 10 years ago. The software simply can’t handle the rate of change businesses are currently experiencing, nor can their teams manage the day-to-day along with having to constantly redesign the systems.

So processes bend to fit systems, add-on software is bought to meet the needs of a single department, manual monthly work has doubled or tripled, and many companies have spent tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars on reporting to try to somehow make sense of questionably trustworthy data to support business decisions.

So we asked ourselves, “…what if?”

  • What if your business software was agile enough to keep up with any rate of change?
  • What if your Finance team could stop bookkeeping and become strategists, business partners to the company’s success?
  • What if you could manage people and processes, and drive business decisions all from a single financial platform?

Welcome to Unit4 Financials V14! Stay tuned for a webinar later this summer to discover why Unit4 Financials V14 is the most extensible financial management solution on the market, and get your questions answered!

Matt Hinchliffe

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