The 12 IT Roles Every CIO Needs On Their Team

Posted by  Chris Jennings

It won’t shock you to hear that tech is in a constant state of change. The necessary skills in a IT/IS team are as diverse as the industries they serve. As a Chief Information Officer (CIO) you’re under constant pressure to produce, which means you need a team of talented individuals that can build up your internal IT infrastructure, create the next new thing, and manage existing solutions.

Here are the 12 IT roles you need to fill at all costs:

12. End-to-End IT Service Manager

The End-to-End IT Service Manager should report directly to the CIO, overseeing the entirety of the IT department. This role is responsible for integrating all the moving parts of the department into a cohesive unit. Experience in service delivery and business engagement will be crucial to their, and your, success.

11. Collaboration and Social Media Evangelist

The role of the Collaboration and Social Media Evangelist is important to the IT team because it’s their job to drive collaboration̶ which tools will be most effective, based on the team dynamic, and what are the best ways to execute adoption? After all, there is no “I” in team and how a team collaborates can make or break even the smallest projects.

10. Cloud Integration Specialist

According to a survey done by RightScale, 85% of enterprise businesses have a cloud strategy. The Cloud Integration Specialist is responsible for all integration and compatibility issues with current software installations and the company’s ERP. As the CIO, you need to make sure the person in this position has strong communication skills, as well as traditional IT skills and cloud experience.

9. Big Data Analyst

As the CIO you will come to rely on your Big Data Analyst. This person is tasked with leveraging the massive amounts of data stored by your organization. Questions this person will need to ask include: How do we know our company is on the right track? What are the risks? And, how can we measure them? For a step-by-step guide to Data Collection, check out this post by the former Controller at Peace Hills Insurance.

8. User Experience Guru

We’ve all had a poor user experience (UE) at some point. It’s not fun, and it costs the company trying to use that software time and money. As the CIO you absolutely need to be concerned with UE, and that’s where your Guru comes in. The UE Guru understands the challenges of new user adoption and is focused on improving the experience for everyone. Apple has iOS, Google has Android, and Unit4 has our People Platform; check it out here.

7. Broker of Technology

Your Broker of Technology is responsible for overseeing what apps are available across your company, and ensuring compatibility and security standards are being met where they integrate with core enterprise solutions. Your people handle complex tasks; apps and integrated solutions can simplify those tasks to help them work smarter.

To find out the remaining 6 IT roles every CIO needs on their team, and learn more about the IT dream team, download the whitepaper here.

Chris Jennings

Chris is the Marketing and Event Coordinator at Unit4 in North America. He’s interested in travelling, industry trends, and sports.