• Put your purpose and people at the heart of the system

    Deliver tools that work the way your people and volunteers work so you can concentrate on your ultimate goal – helping others.

    Keep your supporters up to date

    Make better-informed decisions and deliver the operational transparency to keep your supporters up to date.

    View your financial health at any time

    Accurately view your financial health at any time, from anywhere, and be confident you are looking at a single version of the truth.

    Concentrate on helping others

    Streamline administrative processes and automate workflow to help your people focus on higher value tasks.

  • Unit4 for Not-profit

    A Complete, Integrated ERP Solution

    Business world On! provides large non-profits and global NGOs with a fully integrated suite of tools. These real-time, enterprise tools support all back-office areas of non-profit and non-governmental organizations, including:

    • GL, AP & AR
    • Grant, Fund & Asset Accounting
    • Encumbrance Accounting & Funds checking
    • Debt Management
    • Budgeting & Forecasting
    • Cash Management
    • Loan Servicing
    • Loan Servicing
    • Human Resources & Payroll
    • Procurement Management
    • Project Costing & Billing
    • Business Process Automation
    • Enterprise Reporting & Analytics
    • Travel & Expenses
  • Unit4 for Not-profit

    Designed for your people

    Your people should not be distracted by repetitive manual processes and ad hoc spreadsheets. Software tools should make back-office functions and routine administrative tasks easier so that your organization can focus on higher-value services.

    • CFO: Accurately view your financial health, streamline administrative processes and automate workflow to help your people focus on higher value tasks. Match actual, budget and forecasts against both financial and mission results.
    • HR Manager: Provide an internal environment that helps rather than hinders employee effectiveness, reducing frustration with processes. Reduce the turnover of talented people by identifying flight risk in your organization. Analyze gaps and succession planning to improve internal mobility.
    • Grant Manager: Keep your donors informed about the help they are providing, trace funds and benchmark results, but without diverting attention or resources from your core mission.  Understand how to best use donations and funding with transparent grant analysis and reporting.
    • Program & Project Manager: Bring donations and project management together with one single solution. Have the ability to track a range of content at project and portfolio levels, including: financials, relevant risks and reporting. Allocate the right teams and capabilities to maximize mission delivery efficiency.

Watch Unit4 in Action

Self-Driving Enterprise Solution for Large NPOs & NGOs

Financial Management - HR - Grant & Donor Management - Project Management in a Self-Driving Enterprise System



  • "We save hundreds of hours of manpower since implementing Business World. In the past, it took over 15 people two months to prepare a financial report, today we can run a report instantly. After three years of using Unit4 Business World, we can easily provide financial reporting in different ways according to our donors and user requirements. I am also confident that we can respond, very quickly, to a change in our business."

    - VP of Enterprise Accounting & Controller, Jesus Pizarro

  • “Unit4 Business World will allow Conservation International to track the grant information it needs, track any new information in the future, and easily fulfil new or changing reporting requirements.”

    - Conservation International

  • "The global Unit4 implementation will allow us to be true to one of our five core values which is Accountability – we take personal responsibility for using our resources efficiently, achieving measurable results, and being accountable to supporters, partners and, most of all, children."

    - Save the Children

    Read the full success story

  • “Unit4’s investment in digital is aligned to our strategy for the future and with Unit4 Business World we have a future-proofed solution that will continue to grow and adapt with us without compromising on the quality of finance and business data we need.”

    - The Salvation Army