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Optimize resource utilization, manage teams around the world and maximize project efficiency to become a utilization hero with Unit4 Business World ERP for Professional Services. A scalable, people-centric ERP offering powerful project management tools to track and forecast projects, allocate the right people to the right places, and boost profitability – what’s not for the whole team to love?

Scout Talent

Allocate the right teams and capabilities to each project to boost utilization and profitability

Tackle Global Projects

Reduce costs of keeping redundant skills or losing opportunities by managing teams across continents

Break Down Silos

Reach all your people with an integrated business system that breaks down information silos

Analyze and Predict

Connect the dots with multidimensional analysis for insight at every level

What if… you could boost resource utilization by scouting talent and building the optimal team for every project?

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Managing a global resource pool effectively means attracting and retaining talented people, and keeping their utilization rates optimized. With the right tools, you’ll be able to assign the right people to each project.

We provide Operations Directors and Project Managers a complete view of where their resources are, when they’re available, and when and where they are most needed. The result is higher utilization rates and a boost to your profitability.

An ERP that Optimizes Resource Utilization

Integrated solutions can deliver real-time insight into your project cycles, help you optimize utilization rates and increase profitability – at the same time as increasing employee satisfaction. You’ll assign the right people in the right projects at the right time – without burning out your most valuable resource.

Does your project management solution have utilization potential? If any of your answers to our quiz are NO, then you need a solution that will allow you to optimize resource utilization.

  1. Can internal work be ‘utilizable?'
    Internal work is non-billable, but that doesn’t mean that it is not valuable and adds to the utilization of your teams.
  2. Do you use a different system to communicate with all stakeholders?
    Most projects have more stakeholders than the project members alone – HR, sales, finance, etc. You shouldn’t have to leave the system to communicate with these stakeholders and project members.
  3. Is your whole operation searchable?
    Talents with relevant skills, competencies and experiences work across the organization and might be the perfect fit for a specific project. You should have full insight.
  4. Do you know the mood of project teams?
    Capturing project metrics is essential, but sometimes the sentiment around projects provides a different perspective – don’t miss it.

What if… you could reduce costs and win more projects by managing talent globally?

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Organizational flexibility is critical for companies working on complex or international projects. You need to match internal resources – employee availability, location and skills– with client requirements. Global project management requires not only collaboration tools, but multi-currency and software localization as well.

Business World ERP for Professional Services gives your company the flexibility you need to respond to client requests and win projects, keeping your talent engaged and productive.

Plan and Allocate Resources

Create the perfect project teams, using the right people with the right skills to tackle complex projects

Track and Forecast Projects

Get the full picture of your projects to plan, manage and track them more effectively and efficiently using real-time data

Manage Projects Effectively

Use real-time project visibility and planning tools to deliver on time, on scope, within budget

Feed Data Up the Chain

Keep finance and operations teams happy by delivering budgets and forecasts based on the latest data

Optimize Resource Utilization

Plan team resources, and match team members’ capabilities to project requirements, to deliver the right teams for every project

Improve Efficiency

Use one system from lead generation to project close, gathering real-time data across the entire project cycle

Manage a Global Resource

Attract and retain talented people in offices across regions and continents by offering them engaging, challenging projects

Predict and Improve Cash Flow

Capture time & expenses sooner, tailor billing cycles and reduce revenue leakage to optimize cash flow and increase top-line revenue

Facilitate Restructurings and Mergers and Acquisitions

Easily implement Business World after restructuring, or expand to cover acquired companies, all via a screen-based interface – no system reprogramming necessary

Analyze Finances at Every Level

Use analysis tools to consolidate multi-national data for insight into performance at a global level, or to drill down to the level of individual projects

Adapt to Local Requirements Anywhere

Manage international localization reporting requirements and compile data across currencies, without software customization

Generate Proactive, Predictive Budgets

Streamline accounting processes and generate predictive budgets based on probable scenarios

What if… your ERP knocked down information silos and helped you improve cash flow?

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Professional Services ERP software should be built for people and deliver an exceptional project management tool. This software needs to start with project planning and budgeting, and keep working all the way through project tracking and billing.

There’s no room for information silos when everyone from the CFO to project manager needs real-time intelligence. The benefits of this integrated, industry-specific ERP software includes improved project cycle management, seamless handoffs during project transitions and optimized billing cycles.

Experience & Reviews

“ We chose Unit4 because it is focused on people-centric businesses, where project accounting is the top priority…. Perhaps most importantly, Unit4’s architecture and workflow simplifies functionality extensions for users. This allows The Judge Group the ability to extend functionality without being dependent on outside specialists, a valuable flexibility not found in other products”

— IT Director for ERP Systems, The Judge Group

“Business as usual is the top priority for any company operating with multiple moving parts and a changing organizational structure...The {Siemens} merger was done surprisingly fast and smoothly...For us it's not a surprise that Unit4 can do this - we've successfully handled more than 20 other merged companies.”

— CIO, Bravida

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“I knew that A&M was probably one of the best examples of a business living in a dynamic environment and managing change. Our managing partners, who for years have focused on changing our clients’ business, now focus on changing and growing our firm. We were at a place in our evolution where we needed ‘turn on a dime’ execution, could demand instant and up-to-date ad hoc information for decision making, and could recruit and integrate hundreds of new employees each year.”

— Alvarez & Marsal

What if… you had insight into metrics at every scale, from small project teams to global regions?

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You need the right data to execute and improve on your projects. With access to real-time information about performance, spanning from business development to project execution, you can reduce the risk of lost opportunities or repeated mistakes. Our software helps you connect the dots with multi-dimensional analysis and user-oriented reporting at all levels of data.

Track costs and resources. Forecast utilization and revenue. Anticipate future scenarios and outcomes with predictive analytics. By eliminating information silos and providing a great ERP experience for users at all levels, you’ll have current and accurate data needed to visualize and forecast your organization’s performance.

Utilization in Context

Resource utilization is a multi-dimensional challenge. A seemingly positive utilization rate can hide a host of fundamental shortcomings. At full throttle you might be able to travel quickly, but for how far will you go? Staff may be available, but are they the appropriate resources?

Without the context that having 360° project and pipeline visibility provides, your ability to respond, grow and retain key staff is compromised.

A comprehensive resource solution lets you recognize and deploy specialist skills at the same time as planning for soon-to-be-signed deals. The ability to assess, analyze and adapt is the key to continuous improvement – and therefore to your success.