What is the Unit4 advantage?

Our "Cloud Your Way" deployment options cover all of our enterprise applications, including Unit4 Business World (formerly Agresso) and Unit4 Financials (formerly Coda Financials), with options for individual organizations and for groups. Adhering to the highest industry standards for service delivery, we give our customers the independence, flexibility, and confidence they need to deploy their business software in the cloud – without fear and at an affordable cost.

But unlike other vendors, our approach to cloud deployment offers much more than just potential cost savings; it is also better in five important and concrete ways.

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The 5 differences for cloud success

  • Portability: your Unit4 solution – deployed your way, without lock-in!

    With Unit4, you gain the agility and scalability to match your Unit4 solution and deployment to your ongoing needs.

    This includes unrivaled portability, with the guaranteed freedom to choose, and keep adjusting, your deployment options to absorb and adapt to ongoing business change:

    • Move into the cloud.
    • Move out of the cloud.
    • Move to a different cloud.

    And because you won't need to either recode or make any changes to the setup or to your database when moving, this makes it a fast, low-cost and painless option.

  • Enhanced Security: your Unit4 solution – reliable, safe and secure!

    With Unit4, you not only gain the lower costs (and all the other advantages) of a truly multi-tenant cloud solution, but also the advantage that your data remains in its own unique and complete database. This gives our customers an extra layer of unparalleled security that even protects against human errors.

    We are also in compliance with rigorous security standards:

    • ISO/IEC 27001 (data security)
    • SSAE16 type II
    • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
    • TEC: 'UNIT4 Customers Satisfied in ALL Requirement Areas of TEC's Multi-Tenant SaaS Accreditation'

    For your safety, we also regularly commission outside experts to perform penetration tests, to make sure that we (and your data) are secure from the threats posed by even the very latest hacking techniques.

  • Upgrade Elasticity: your UNIT4 solution – always the best fit!

    With Unit4, you retain the independence and control to move up to new main releases of your application, at the time that best suits your organization's needs and situation:

    • Updates are automatically added when needed.
    • It is your choice to either accept an upgrade or to postpone.
    • The previous two main releases stay supported in the cloud.
  • Completeness: your Unit4 solution – stable, complete and future ready!

    With Unit4, you still benefit from the same fully featured, proven ERP solution, regardless of whether you deploy the application on premise or via the cloud:

    • Having exactly the same code, whether via the cloud or on-premise, means unrivaled rich ERP functionality, all available right now.
    • There is no delay or complication in getting the latest advances.
    • You gain the technical AND business change agility to minimize cost of ownership.
  • Data Disaster Recovery: protecting you from human error, with quick and painless data restoration

    With Unit4, you can still quickly and painlessly restore crucial data and reverse potentially crippling 'disasters' caused by user errors, even though your solution is deployed via the cloud. Backups are kept for a long time, so even if years have gone by before you notice the loss of data we can still restore it for you:

    • Genuine data restoration NOT just basic business continuity measures.
    • Rapid data recovery - as flexibly as the experience you would have in an on-premise situation.
    • No need for expensive third-party backup and recovery solutions.

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