Unlock the power of Business World innovations

Utilizing new technologies to add value to your business is the key to success in today’s fast-changing climate. 
Unit4 Business World helps you unlock your team’s potential while adapting to new opportunities. You benefit from the latest digital innovations which underpin Unit4’s Self-Driving ERP vision, like predictive analytics and sentiment analysis. Complex data becomes smart information. 
Designed for a mobile future, the solution supports a suite of separate, task-focused capabilities, so you can tailor it to your specific needs with the following four streams:


Read how the digital revolution has changed business and how it will continues to drive change:
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Tailored upgrades via four compelling streams

Key advantages

Unit4's upgrade streams focus on four key areas: Finance, HR, Teamwork and Asset Management. These streams mean you can easily deploy game-changing technologies, access key data and capture the context for discussions, plans and projects.

Empowered Finance Planning

Smart Teamwork

Successful People Management

Strategic Estate Management

Has your finance team become a bottleneck to growth?

In any organization, the finance department is key to business success. Yet cost pressures, growth expectations and market dynamics all take their toll on financial teams. Confronted with the demand to deliver insights and digest transactions at an ever-increasing rate, they can struggle to keep up – however hard they work.

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Empower your financial managers.

Less manual routine work frees up time for value-adding activities.

  • Improves your data quality

  • Speeds up analysis

  • Empowers business teams

Select one of the following signature capabilities to empower your financial managers:

Do you need to boost team productivity?

Working in teams is the norm in today’s organizations. Unfortunately, the process of teaming up, providing input and sharing insights is often seen as overhead, and so neglected. When documenting hours, team meetings and to-dos are pushed out of the system, so information is never correct and complete.

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Enable smarter, stronger teams.

Fewer time-consuming tasks mean more productive project teams.

  • Reduces overhead

  • Enables easy collaboration

  • Improves resource planning


Select one of the following signature capabilitie to enable smarter, stronger teams:

Need a clearer view of your people’s performance?

Organizations are like organisms – they are constantly evolving. But if only managers appraise your people, it can be hard to evolve in the right way. Without multiple perspectives, you lose insight that could be useful in shaping your organization for the future.

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Supporting your people’s success.

Less rigid structures create a better climate for employee development.

  • Speeds up adaptation

  • Increases performance insight

  • Promotes and extends intelligent workflows

Select one of the following signature capabilitie to support your people's success:

Is your asset management effective?

Estate management means keeping on top of multiple properties. All too often, however, an incomplete overview makes it difficult to plan ahead, budget and prioritize. The distance between the estate manager and field operations is a further obstacle to efficiency when it comes to carrying out repairs. Maintenance becomes reactive, rather than proactive.

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Strategic estate management.

A proactive approach means more effective maintenance.

  • Facilitates a complete overview

  • Enables planning and prioritizing

  • Mobile support for efficient communications

Select the following signature capability to enjoy strategic estate management:

Explore all the capabilities individually

Developed for a mobile future, these capabilities allow you to tailor Business World to suit your own particular needs. Whether your goal is financial insight or more effective teamwork, Unit4 enables you and your people to achieve it, by collaborating freely and working in any way you want - every day of the month, every month of the year, in the office or on the road.


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