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Bringing together all the strands of an organization’s accounts can be quite a challenge, especially, when ongoing change has created a variety of separate (and often incompatible) accounting systems. It’s important to be able to link strategic finance and operational performance, in order to achieve timely financial close and consolidation, manage risk and compliance, monitor process against objectives and strategy, and make reliable strategic decisions.

Is your group accounting team struggling to get this functionality out of manual or spreadsheet-based systems and outdated consolidation applications? Read on...!

How can we help?

UNIT4 Consolidation and Cash offers a single version of the truth for fast-changing organizations, giving an integrated financial performance capability, empowering you to deliver on your strategic financial objectives.

UNIT4 Consolidation & Cash

What are the key benefits of choosing UNIT4 Consolidation & Cash?

It delivers an integrated end-to-end solution from a single vendor:

  • Financial Performance Reporting

  • Consolidation and Cash Management

  • Integration with ERP and Financial Management systems, in particular UNIT4 Agresso and UNIT4 Coda Financials.

There are close links from operational data to high-level financial KPIs. This means your organization can directly link strategic finance and operational performance; carry out sophisticated modelling, forecasting and budgeting; perform rapid financial consolidation and comprehensive cash management; and monitor risk and compliance with confidence.

What is the UNIT4 advantage?

Our best-of-class UNIT4 Consolidation & Cash tools deliver the only Financial Performance Management system designed from the ground up for businesses living in change. They are optimized to support best practices and deliver a single version of the truth, against a background of relentless change. The tools have been designed specifically to help multi-company and international organizations gain the transparency they need by delivering group accounting, statutory reporting, intercompany netting and cash planning more quickly, simply and consistently. They also improve agility, thanks to flexible integration capabilities and straightforward setup tools. Our solution easily copes with inputs from any number of ERP, finance and other business systems (including our Agresso and Coda solutions) and enables you to quickly adapt to accommodate new organizational structures, additional source systems, compliance regimes or GAAP reporting requirements.

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