As a member of ACEVO, and with strong involvement with Inside NGO and NetHope, Unit4 has substantial experience in the sector with more than 100 large NGOs and not for profit associations and foundations around the world benefitting from our solutions. These customers include charities and not for profit organizations that need software solutions that significantly reduce the cost of governance, management and administration, while enabling them to:

  • instantly access relevant, accurate financial information;
  • modify processes quickly and easily with visual tools;
  • use comprehensive reporting capabilities;
  • accommodate multiple languages, currencies and multiple operational units;
  • avoid synchronization issues when working in connectivity-challenged locations;
  • deal with both internal and external changes, such as fluctuating funding levels, new funding structures and changing regulatory requirements.

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  • “The global Unit4 implementation will allow us to be true to one of our five core values which is Accountability – we take personal responsibility for using our resources efficiently, achieving measurable results, and being accountable to supporters, partners and, most of all, children.”

    - Save the Children

  • “Unit4 is revolutionizing the way the British Red Cross manages its financial information and reporting by integrating better with other systems...”

    - British Red Cross

  • “With Unit4's ERP, we have better project and budget control and planning on liquidity forecasting...It provides vastly improved internal controls – we can track the balance sheet, react to issues instantly and focus on costs throughout our entire organization.”

    - Norwegian People’s Aid

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  • “Unit4 has allowed IAVI to integrate multiple global human resource data sources, enhancing our organization’s effectiveness, efficiency and execution through streamlined processes and improved reporting capability.”

    - International Aids Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)

  • "All in all, Unit4 has delivered and we have a powerful financial and business solution that helps us to adapt to organization changes as well as those in wider world."

    - The Conservation Volunteers

    Read the full success story

A complete ERP solution

Unit4 offers a fully-integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that is specifically designed for dynamic organizations that experience frequent, ongoing change. As such, it provides NGOs and not for profit organizations with the guarantee that financial information is accurate and processes continue to run smoothly no matter how turbulent the climate is. Unit4 Business World (formerly Agresso) provides a complete solution for:

  • Financial Management - provides a full understanding of the true costs of projects, including associated overhead costs to allocate costs appropriately. Business World also provides native donor management capabilities.
  • Human Capital Management (HR) - designed to meet the needs of non-profit organizations and NGOs employing a wide range of staff internationally.
  • Procurement - helps create a fully electronic workflow through seamless integration with vendor e-commerce solutions. 
  • Planning - supports the planning and budgeting cycles of large complex global organizations and offers an unparalleled level of flexibility.
  • Business Intelligence – specifically developed to make important information and data easily accessible.
  • Project Management - fully automates business processes to manage, track and report on all activities ensuring projects remain on track and make optimal use of resources.
  • Grant Management - helps maintain existing grants, secure new grants and comply with grantor requirements.

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What makes us different...

The secret to our software is the underlying architecture which empowers NGOs and not for profit organizations to independently and quickly respond to evolving requirements and growing scrutiny with minimal cost and disruption (and no reliance on expensive external consultants). The system adapts to changing requirements - increasing its longevity and reducing the cost of ownership.

Put simply, this means that when a change is made in one area, it does not have to be redone and rechecked for accuracy in another.

This post-implementation agility makes Unit4 Business World truly future-proof, with a lower total cost of ownership than many of its rivals. Business World’s long shelf life means you’ll no longer face the pain and heartache of having to re-implement or replace your ERP system every five years. Instead, you’ll gain substantial savings, and an unmatched resilience to change.

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Case studies

  • Norwegian People’s Aid

    Norwegian People’s Aid is a complex global enterprise with strict reporting requirements. The Unit4 Business World ERP solution has brought clear benefits to the organization, which is now able to work smarter.

  • The Conservation Volunteers

    Unit4 Business World solutions deliver faster results for TCV, so that it can do even more with its time and resources to help save the environment.

  • Trócaire

    Unit4 has helped Trocaire adapt in a changing world, enabling the international charity to spend more time and money helping the needy and not on administration.

Unit4 solutions for NGOs and Not for Profit organizations

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