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At UNIT4 we understand that Education is living in change - a state of constant flux. Education and research organizations face unprecedented change, with increased financial pressures and the need for new revenue streams, evolving student expectations, new technology, and new global opportunities all important considerations.

This means that institutions now need to adopt operational and research processes and systems that are comprehensive, reaching across and beyond institutions, yet also responsive to change.

Our strategy is to deliver the support that institutions need to meet these changing demands on an international scale.

What our HE Customers say

Our software and services enable institutions and research organizations to embrace change independently and sustainably so they can become more flexible, efficient, and innovative. We offer integrated, agile software solutions, which uniquely extend post-implementation agility to education and research institutions, allowing them to continually adapt, respond and innovate as the market changes.

Our vision has always been to offer a solutions that:

  • Enable institutions to increase research income and improve their reputation and quality.

  • Help capitalize on new opportunities, such as overseas campuses or partnerships.

  • Ensure institutions attract and retain the best people.

  • Assist institutions to achieve wider commercial engagement and competitiveness.

  • Improve the engagement and experience of both the student and academic community.

  • Support institutions through changes in structure and business direction.

Integrated, agile software solutions

UNIT4 Campus has been specifically developed to help education and research institutions not only cope with the numerous new challenges facing the sector, but also thrive in the constantly-changing conditions.

Our international experience, with operations in 26 countries, allows us to really understand what institutions need. Discover more about UNIT4 Campus.

International Centre of Excellence for Education and Research

Since we began supplying the sector 20 years ago the landscape has changed dramatically. With this in mind, we have established an international centre of excellence for education and research solutions. It is responsible for the design, development and coordination of the delivery of our market-leading solutions worldwide. Our aim is to provide solutions that will enable education and research institutions to achieve the success that they are capable of, globally.

Further Information 

For further information regarding UNIT4's global solutions, simply email: education@unit4.com

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