Unit4 has been supplying administration systems to the Education sector since 1993 and now provides software solutions to over 400 institutions globally.

Our extensive understanding of the market has allowed us to develop a strategy to deliver the support that you need to meet the constantly changing demands in the sector, on an international scale.

We develop cloud-based software and services that help you to embrace change independently and sustainably so you can become more flexible, efficient, and innovative. Working closely with institutions around the world, we can make a difference to each faculty, to researchers and to students alike. With enhanced social, mobile and cloud capabilities, our solutions enable everyone on campus to create true value in a fast-changing campus community.

Our suite of solutions:

  • absorb changes in structure and business direction without losing momentum - the academic landscape is constantly changing, and any institution must have the systems in place to cope with these changes;
  • increase research income, while improving reputation and quality - current financial pressures mean it is necessary to explore all funding opportunities, while minimizing costs;
  • have the best people in place - achieving strategic change, delivering excellent service and building reputation requires the best people, so you need to manage and motivate them effectively;
  • improve the engagement and experience of both the student and academic community - student expectations are constantly evolving and you must be able to keep up with these expectations;
  • capitalize on new opportunities, such as overseas campuses or partnerships - with the increased ‘global’ nature of education and research, you must be able to act globally;
  • increase quality, global reach and leadership - modern institutions should be front-runners in global technological innovation and development, with the most up-to-date systems in place.
  • “Roles, reporting, everything will change again, and our Unit4 cloud solution allows us to do this easily, without organizational disruption.”

    - IT Systems Administrator, Södertörn University

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  • “We are a textbook model for an organization that lives in constant change, and our software systems did not have the agility to keep up. We wanted the ability to make changes ourselves, quickly, which we can get from the Unit4 solution, but that we didn’t see elsewhere in the market.”

    - Director of Finance, Cranfield University

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  • “The university is in a big drive to expand and grow, and to be able to meet that growth we need a scalable system and we need scalable business processes to grow along with it, and we are comfortable and confident that we have built that using Unit4 at the core.”

    - Project Manager, Royal Roads University

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  • “Given we operate in such a dynamic sector, Unit4's flexibility is a considerable advantage. Not only does it provide the rich functionality we require to deliver efficient and effective services, but when we need to reconfigure the solution to meet a change in circumstance, we can configure it ourselves.”

    - Assistant IT Director, University of Bristol

  • "Unit4's research management solution promises the control universities like Monash require to be world leading."

    - CIO, Monash University

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The only agile administration system focused around staff, researchers & students

Unit4 Campus is now Unit4 Business World. Our solution has been specifically developed to help education and you not only cope with these new challenges, but also thrive in the constantly-changing conditions.

Our international experience, with operations in 26 countries, allows us to really understand what you need to succeed. Developed in partnership with the sector, the cloud-based solution brings a fresh new approach to:

  • Financial Management
  • Research Management
  • Human Capital Management (HR)
  • Student Management

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What makes us different...

Our architecture provides real “post-implementation agility’ allowing your system to be reconfigured to reflect changing requirements long after initial installation. The tight integration of the architecture enables the many types of changes faced to be addressed in-house: simply, quickly and inexpensively. For example:

  • New revenue streams.
  • The constantly evolving student expectations and requirement.
  • Departmental reorganization or government initiatives.
  • Developments in technology.
  • The impacts of growing student numbers.
  • The increased consideration for a more global strategy.
  • Regulatory changes.

Changes made to new structures, process, research and reporting requirements can be made by authorized users and, once made, will be automatically reflected across all parts of the system and will be retained, even through upgrades.

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