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It's time to get your head in "the cloud"

"Cloud computing" (also often called "software as a service", "SaaS" or "on-demand") is a new way to access, use and pay for a huge range of business support systems. It has quickly become an extremely popular and accepted model all around the world and it offers many advantages that could make it an attractive option for your organization too.

It offers the promise of business systems that:

  • are always available, easy to deploy and accessible anywhere
  • are quick to set up and integrate
  • need only minimal in-house IT infrastructure and support.

Cloud computing applications are generally priced on a subscription model - so customers may pay a monthly usage fee, for example, rather than the more established model of purchasing software to run in house or "on premise".

How can we help you?

We have a range of solutions that enable customers to seize the opportunities of cloud deployment:

  • In adition to on-premise implementation, our key enterprise solutions including UNIT4 Agresso (ERP software) and UNIT4 Coda Financials (global accounting software) can be delivered via the cloud. This gives customers the traditional benefits of on-demand applications - no need to invest in IT servers and specialist staff, scalability, complete internet access, easier deployment - but customers also benefit from better security and portability and keep a higher level of control and ownership of the application and data.
  • For groups of organizations, we offer Shared Journey a cloud-based deployment option of  UNIT4 Agresso designed for organizations looking to set up a shared services operation that is quick to establish, easy to grow and responsive to change.
  • FinancialForce Accounting and PSA offers real-time cloud accounting and professional services automation applications aimed at enterprises of all sizes, built on the Force.com platform from salesforce.com.

We also offer a number of other best-of-class cloud applications - for example our tools for e-recruitment and talent management, which can be used as either powerful stand-alone solutions or to complement other UNIT4 or third-party solutions.

What is the UNIT4 advantage?

As a business software developer for more than 30 years, we offer an unrivalled breadth and depth of software solutions and have always embraced new technologies that deliver real customer value. Cloud is no different - we have responded to customer demand and offer a wide range of cloud deployment options.

Whether you choose on-demand or on-premise or a combination of deployment models, you can rely on UNIT4 to offer you the best possible flexibility and choice of approach, to deliver the applications you need in the most appropriate manner to suit your organization's needs and plans - both now and as it continues to evolve.

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