What can it do for you?

Get the full picture of what your people can do and where they need to improve, thanks to multiple evaluations that are tailor-made to reflect the needs of your organization.

Key benefits


Evaluate exactly what you want

Choose which competencies to evaluate to guarantee the best possible fit for your organization and individual departments and roles.


Gain more insight

Monitoring your people’s evaluation record gives you a better insight into their performance, and where they need to improve.


Improve your own process

Appraisals can be set up to support your existing process, adapting it to one central, paper-free environment.

Evaluate your people’s real work

Appraisals takes you away from the often abstract world of paper forms and allows you to evaluate your people’s performance based on the actual work they do. Questions are tailored so you appraise the exact competencies needed for specific roles.
You can also opt for open questions and comments to help create a fuller picture. Employees evaluate themselves by responding to a series of behavioral statements, clicking on the stars to rate themselves – a great way to engage them in the appraisal process.

Get a wider perspective

As well as evaluating themselves, your people can be appraised by anyone else in the organization using the same set of behavioural statements.
A manager can have access to all the evaluators’ responses and comments, giving a broad perspective on which to base a definitive appraisal. Final scores per competency indicate clearly what is going well, and where there is room for improvement.

Monitor the process

A monitoring window means you can see the progress of the appraisal evaluations – great for your HR department to stay on top of things.
The window shows each employee and the status of their evaluation, with a live chat function making it easy to discuss any points arising from the process.

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