What can it do for you?

Make sense of the why, as well as the what, of your company’s finances, with a central hub that unites powerful financial reporting and analysis capabilities.


Key benefits

One central financial hub

A single module gives you access to all your financial reports, so you can enjoy fast and direct access to the information you need, the minute you need it.

Personalize your financial data​

With Financial Information Center, you can customize standard reports according to your own needs.

Analyzing and reporting power​

The powerful analysis and reporting environment makes interrogating your data a simple and intuitive process.

Fast, flexible financial facts

Your business does not always stay the same, and neither do your financial reporting needs. Financial Information Center therefore offers a rapid and flexible solution for financial reporting and analysis, starting with your personalized home page – a place for your most important reports, graphs and related information.
The home page makes fast work of regular reporting tasks, while an integrated search function gives you a detailed view, right down to individual transactions.

Standard or tailored – you choose

Predefined reports give you fast access to the figures, and you can navigate easily between different views for added perspective. Use the standard reports to present data with a focus on customers, suppliers, or a department, for example. Associative filters allow you to see the connections between different types of information.
You can change the structure and content of reports on the fly – and save the results to keep for later. Intuitive design makes it all fast and easy to do.

Find your own answers

Financial Information Center is a powerful yet easy-to-use visualization tool, providing great options to help you understand your data. You can use the filters to zoom in on the aspects that interest you. Or browse through your data using chart types to find the best representation for the issue in question.
Look at development over time, or distribution between accounts. And it’s simple to discuss the results with colleagues.

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