What can it do for you?

The complete picture of your people’s skills and availability, enabling you to plan and manage their involvement in projects in a highly efficient way.

Key benefits

Maximize your people investment​

Increase utilization and eliminate outsourcing costs by getting all the information about people’s project commitments, ad hoc tasks and absences.

Assign the best people in a second​

Using the rich functionality of the Unit4 Business World HR module, instantly find the people with the strongest skill set and assign the best people available for a task.

Improve decision-making

Benefit from a single point of communication and collaboration, plus seamless integration with Project Planner, to ensure rapid and effective people planning.

Find the best people for the project

When you want to find someone for a task, you can filter and search across the organization by a variety of criteria to find the person with the right skill set and availability.
You can then assign them to the appropriate projects or, still from the same screen, send the assignment to their manager for approval.

Manage your team’s availability

You can get an instant and comprehensive grasp of people’s availability via a single integrated screen that shows all their activities, including tasks assigned through Project Planner, ad hoc tasks assigned through People Planner itself, and absences.
You can make sure everyone is constantly busy and can look by week, month or year to get the level of detail and type of overview you want.

Effortlessly change assignments

Reassigning tasks is extremely easy, as you can clearly see who’s working on what and what their availability is. It’s simple to extend assignments or move an existing assignment to someone else as necessary.
Online chat makes resolving any issues straightforward, as you can discuss and confirm proposed new arrangements with the relevant people straightaway.

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