What can it do for you?

Get a visual overview of how you’ve spent your time, and a fast, accurate way to complete timesheets for even the most complex tasks.

Key benefits


All your information at a glance

Get a calendar view of time assigned to projects and tasks, see your absences, and easily identify outstanding timesheets.


Answer questions fast​

Converse on-screen with colleagues to resolve any issues and ensure fast, accurate timesheet completion.


Make life easier with the mobile app​

Use the Unit4 Business World Timesheets mobile app to keep your timesheets up to date when you’re on the road.

Complete timesheets fast

Entering time for even the most complex tasks is extremely straightforward and completely under your control. To add pre-booked absences and assignments to the timesheet, simply select them from the display.
You can also rapidly add new tasks and easily find the correct project, work order and activity work task to add to your timesheet, ensuring high levels of accuracy.

Get an overview of your time

A calendar gives you an instant view of what you’ve spent your time on, as well as any appointments and hours that have been assigned via People Planner. And you can see all your Outlook Calendar entries in the same screen.
The status of your timesheets is also displayed, so you easily identify outstanding ones.

Use the mobile app

Make things even easier by using the Timesheets mobile app, to keep track of your time when you’re on the road. You can see all your recent tasks and add new ones to the list.
So whether you’re in the office or elsewhere, you stay on top of your hours.

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