Milestone 4

UNIT4 Agresso Milestone 4 | Redefining the ERP experience

UNIT4 Agresso Milestone 4 is the first cloud ERP software built with people, not programs, in mind.

Take our tablet-based tour to discover how Milestone 4 can transform your ERP experience (Laptop/desktop users please see below*).

UNIT4 Agresso Experience Packs

Smart, intuitive interface • Radical and refreshing approach
Focused, collaborative tools • Simpler ways into complex data
Experience Packs 3

* Browser compatibility for the tour

You can also take our tour of UNIT4 Agresso Milestone 4 on a desktop or laptop. However, please note that you may first need to update to a more recent version of your web browser to do so.

New "Experience Packs" –
ERP just changed for good!

The Milestone 4 release of UNIT4 Agresso delivers the first of our revolutionary new ERP Experience Packs.

Agresso users can now enjoy:
· stunning design
· fine-tuned functionality
· new social, mobile, analytic 
  and cloud advances

· outstanding usability
across a range of key processes to transform their day-to-day working.

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