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Today's executives face unrelenting pressure to manage costs, deliver growth and attain excellence. In order to achieve these goals, the entire workforce needs to contribute and be accountable. However, traditional Corporate Performance Management (CPM) products have failed to support this level of employee involvement, as they are typically too expensive and complex to deploy.

UNIT4 Business Analytics changes all this, by simplifying performance management and enabling widespread adoption across the entire organisation. It is a people-driven performance management tool that allows every employee to quickly and easily understand targets, pinpoint problems, find answers and confidently make informed decisions – in a collaborative way.

How can we help?

UNIT4 Business Analytics is the faster and simpler way to deliver targeted performance management throughout the organisation.

Key features

Our solution offers a full range of Business Analytics support, including:

  • an end-user-friendly “solution builder”
  • a rich library of graphical and grid-based reports
  • powerful but straightforward Business Intelligence, performance management and analytics tools
  • safe storage of data in a SQL Server database
  • a performance-optimised cube for consuming and analysing the data
  • smart integration and an agile business information model that reflects and keeps in step with the originating systems.

Key benefits

It helps the organisation succeed, by:

  • delivering simpler performance management
  • driving better outcomes for the business
  • enabling a swifter, self-sufficient response to change
  • improving the return on your IT investment.

Key outcomes

It empowers and enables employees to:

  • view and manage key data to obtain results
  • sense and respond to changing market conditions and opportunities
  • take the customer experience to a new level, by becoming more responsive
  • become collaborative, accountable “problem solvers”.

What is the UNIT4 advantage?

While more traditional, established CPM products serve very large corporations with large IT and business analysis teams, UNIT4 Business Analytics offers the optimal solution to Businesses Living in Change (BLINC) of every size and type and to every employee or partner.

With UNIT4 Business Analytics, goals can be consistently met in an effective and efficient manner – whether overall strategic goals or goals focused on specific business processes or activities.

Through a single unified architecture, our solution enables “BLINC” organisations to rapidly respond to, and instantly capitalise on, any performance management challenges/opportunities they will face. Better still, they can do all this without needing extra support or intervention from the IT team.

For more information about UNIT4 Business Analytics, download your free copy of our solution overview.

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UNIT4 Business Analytics is a new, better, more agile alternative to expensive and over-complex traditional CPM products. Discover its advantages for your organisation


Customer quote

"Over a period of four years, we went from a loss of $13 million per year to becoming Europe’s most profitable transportation company.

We have been amazed by the results UNIT4 Business Analytics helped us achieve!"

Robin Olsen, CEO,
Tollpost, Norway


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