Why Unit4?

  • At a glance

    Unit4 Financials (formerly Coda Financials) is an award-winning suite of global accounting and broader financial management applications, including:

    • General Ledger
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Fixed Assets
    • Budgeting
    • Project Accounting
    • Spend Management.

    It enables organizations to streamline and automate their finance processes, embed best-practice and improve business visibility, compliance and corporate governance.

    It also gives you complete freedom of choice and ongoing business agility, by integrating easily and flexibly with your other key business systems – without affecting them, or being affected, when individual applications need to be changed or replaced.

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  • A better solution

    Unit4 Financials (formerly Coda Financials) delivers real-time financial visibility and control across an organization’s people, processes and IT systems.

    • Delivering better efficiency, consistency and accuracy
      Unit4 Financials is the world’s original unified-ledger, global accounting system. Unlike modular systems, the financial data for your various ledgers is held within one combined database, updated in real time, without needing reconciliation. That can deliver cost savings of over 50% and ensures you always have the true picture of your organization’s financial position.
    • Handling the most complex challenges
      Our solution’s “single instance, multi-everything” approach not only creates a single version of the truth but also provides the complete flexibility and scalability to cope with: complex structures; local accounting needs and practices; and international trading, whether in a dispersed or centralized, shared services environment.
    • Minimizing compliance risks
      It helps CFOs to overcome mounting regulatory pressures by enabling end-to-end compliance across a wide range of regulatory regimes, for example: Sarbanes-Oxley, multiple GAAPs and IFRS. It also provides a platform in which business systems can be added, kept or changed without losing control or increasing the risk of non-compliance.
    • Safeguarding business agility
      Unit4 Financials has an innovative and unique architecture that provides unrivaled integration and interoperability. So you can combine our great accounting solution with all the specific operational applications you need, to deliver the best functional coverage and to work seamlessly together – even when changes are needed.

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  • Cloud your way

    Our unique Cloud Your Way design empowers your team to move solutions in whole or in part between public cloud, private cloud and on-premises deployment.  You achieve compliance and security as you control what goes on the cloud and when it gets there. That is the power of Business World’s Cloud Your Way.

    The solution that we deliver has the same functional depth, no matter how you choose to deploy it.

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    Unit4 cloud your way


  • "During conversations with the Unit4 consultants and demonstrations of the software, it was apparent that this software could considerably raise the formalization, visibility and auditablity of our business operations"

    - Manager Financial Administration, AXA Insurances B.V.

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  • “We are confident that powerful, flexible and robust Unit4 Financials in the cloud will help us manage changes we will be faced with in the coming years.”

    - Vice President of Finance, Jordan’s Furniture

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  • “We needed financial accounting software that could easily integrate into our portfolio of business critical systems. Unit4 Financials is unique in its ability to provide cutting edge functionality, while supporting a mixed application environment.”

    - CIO, FDLIC

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  • "We have to be able to compare/calculate our actual investments, which is an area where most ERP accounting solutions fall short. The depth and detail of the Unit4 solution is extremely sophisticated, accurate and change-ready."

    - CTO, GSO

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  • “The other software (we evaluated) requires businesses to change their process for the software which turns many organizations into cookie-cutter organizations and compromises their business goals for the applications. FIDM is not a cookie-cutter organization – and Unit4 Financials helps us to maintain our uniqueness, our brand, and our image. We chose Unit4 Financials so that we had a software package that would mold to our needs and not the other way around.”

    - Chief Information Officer, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM)

Key Advantages

Unit4 Financials works seamlessly with your other essential systems, giving you real-time financial visibility and control - even in the most diverse, complex or fast-changing enterprises.

A unique foundation for visibility, interoperability and control

Unit4 Financials was designed to put better financial management at the heart of organizations with fast-changing and mixed application environments.

Its unique underlying architecture enables this in three key ways:

  • Its single financial model allows changes to be made efficiently in one, real-time single ledger system (no reconciliation required), yet its multi-dimensional structure enables infinite ways to classify, measure and analyze data, regardless of complexity; for the best possible visibility.
  • Interoperability is built in, by exposing all accounting functionality, business logic and financial validation as standard web services, allowing you to easily connect this data with your other core applications.
  • An end-to-end control framework makes processes more visible, repeatable and auditable, enabling complete control and continual compliance across all systems.

Accounting for change

Whether it is caused by a re-organization, merger, acquisition or new line of business, the costs of adapting financial 

systems for ongoing change are significant and can have a major strategic impact. Our solutions deliver the support for dynamic organizations to embrace most forms of business change themselves – without intervention from IT experts and super users; simply, quickly and cost effectively.


Understanding and meeting your needs

No matter how demanding or complex your requirements, Unit4 Financials rises to the challenge. It delivers the “multi-everything” (country, company, currency, language, deployment…) capabilities that you need, so that you can both meet specific local accounting requirements and maintain global consistency, visibility and control.


Single ledger, multi-dimensional accounting


With Unit4 Financials, you gain the most flexible, scalable single financial modeling structure on the market. It provides infinite ways to classify, measure, and analyze your business (enabling each line of business to monitor profitability the way it needs to), yet still provides a single reporting model or ledger that is always in balance.

Best-in-class focus and agility

Unit4 Financials’ outstanding integration and interoperability enable you to easily connect best-in-class applications, of all types, in a federated approach using our web services. This allows you to concentrate on adding value to your specialized systems, while simultaneously benefiting from the very best in financial management solutions and a range of other dedicated solutions from Unit4 to complement and extend your solution.


Key capabilities

The Unit4 Financials suite covers the full range of an organization’s core financial management requirements, its real-time unified ledger gives the finance team unparalleled support and rich functionality, including the following main areas:

  • Accounting – as the original single-ledger, global accounting solution, Unit4 Financials is a modern and multi-everything accounting system for even the most diverse or complex enterprise requirements.
  • Budgeting, planning & forecasting – we’ve combined the flexibility of our financial model with the familiarity and convenience of Microsoft® Excel®, to streamline the seeding, preparation, fine-tuning and production of budgets.
  • Integration & web services – Unit4 Financials’ IT architecture is second to none, using techniques such as web services and XML to provide secure, real-time integration to your other operational systems.
  • Interoperability – companies can no longer compromise, they need great operational applications AND great financial systems. This best-in-class interoperability has been a hallmark of Unit4 Financials from its very beginnings.
  • Process & control automation – the solution includes integrated workflow and a powerful control management framework, which ties other systems, manual processes and authorizations into a single, visible and auditable process flow.
  • Reporting & analysis – it provides the vital foundation of a robust, flexible information model and an array of reporting tools to help all your different users report on, model and analyze your business – in the ways that they need.
  • Spend management – Unit4 Financials’ end-to-end spend management helps establish controls and consolidate purchasing activity, and enables you to harness the full buying power of the organization.
  • Supported platforms & languages – Unit4 Financials co-exists well with other applications, without imposing a particular technology or architecture. It also enables simultaneous multi-lingual access to the same, single finance system.

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Find out more

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