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Future-proofing your organization with ERP

Insight for business leaders in this independent report from Nucleus Research on ROI and the benefits of ERP and HCM solutions

Nucleus Research delivers research and insight based on actual ROI assessments. Here we take a look at their evaluation of Unit4 ERP and HCM solutions, where they interviewed customers capitalizing on Unit4’s HCM and ERP solutions and found that most customers can reduce staff time associated with managing multiple solutions by 20 to 40 percent, and one organization saw a 50 percent reduction.

In their research, Nucleus found that Unit4 provides its users with one platform that gives the single source of truth across all products needed to remove silos through the consolidation of fragmented people and financial data and can reduce reporting and processing time by up to 90%.

What are the main benefits?

Having interviewed customers using Unit4 for HCM and ERP, Nucleus found two main benefits.

Time savings

As an organization grows, time-consuming manual processes hamper growth. With Unit4’s ERP and HCM solutions, organizations can significantly reduce the manual processes that the HR team must deal with, and overall reporting and processing time can be cut by an average of 50 to 70%.

Reduction in reconciliation errors

When organizations have separate solutions for ERP and HCM, they find it difficult to consolidate and analyze the data stored across multiple platforms. Errors will inevitably occur, and this hinders speedy, informed decision-making. Nucleus found that users that implement data consolidation with joint ERP and HCM solutions report better decision-making and reduced errors by 10 to 20%.

Customer experience

Nucleus interviewed some of Unit4’s customers that are using ERP and HCM together to find out what they thought of the consolidated platform. 

One nonprofit customer found it was able to consolidate all its data onto the Unit4 platform, providing a single source of record for the many individual countries it operates in. The digital transformation was significantly valuable as errors were reduced, and workers are now paid on time in local currency, which has helped maintain the value of the pay without subjecting its workers to the foreign exchange risk they often faced prior to implementation.

One local government customer found that after implementing Unit4, the organization removed more than 50 percent of the FTEs previously needed to manage their multiple systems. They got rid of many licensing costs associated with legacy systems, which saw substantial cost savings.

What does the future hold?

As nonprofit and public sector organizations look for new ways to streamline workflows and processes to reduce costs and become more efficient, the need for a modern solution becomes paramount. Organizations that fail to modernize will quickly fall behind the competition as new solutions boost their competitor’s innovation and agility.

How Unit4 can help your organization

Unit4’s next-generation smart ERP and HCM software solutions are built for people in the business of helping people. With us, you can ‘Experience Real Purpose’ with an adaptable solution that’s right for you, now and in the future.

Check out the Unit4 People Experience Suite and read the full Nucleus Research report here

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