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Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Next-generation smart ERP software solutions built for people in the business of helping people. It’s not just about enterprise resource planning. With us you can “Experience Real Purpose” with an adaptable solution that’s right for you, now and in the future.

Elevate Your Business

With Unit4’s ERP software systems, you can adapt and optimize the way your people work to help you manage complexity and focus on the things that matter.

Watch our 100-second explainer and see how we can empower your teams to plan & adapt to change - fast!

Embed Agility to Adapt and Grow

Respond to market disruption and boost resilience.

Maintain stability while you innovate

Enhance your processes and data control without the risk.

Gain clarity to optimize resources

Reduce inefficiency with a single source of truth.

Unit4 ERP Delivers

Our integrated suite of ERP software solutions will help you elevate your business, delivering visibility and control over finances, projects, procurement, reporting, forecasting and payroll.

    Does your organization face any of these common challenges?

    • Are you blocked by systems that cannot provide the right data to enable you to make informed strategic decisions?
    • Do your teams struggle to get the right data to continue to work in the most effective ways?
    • Would your current solution struggle to adapt to change at a fast enough rate to keep up with the market?

    Ensure your organization has the right tools to generate essential business intelligence for effective working and strategic decision-making; and the flexibility to make the right changes when needed.

    Discover how

    ERP solution image - Tools & Reporting Solutions with Unit4

    Does your organization face any of these common financial management challenges?

    • Is your financial data difficult to consolidate to gain an overarching view?
    • Do your teams spend hours deep in transactions rather than focusing on more strategic work?
    • Is it difficult or time consuming to make changes to your current financial management system?

    Take control of every stage of your record-to-report cycle in a single, integrated, organization-wide system; consolidate all your data, for full control and visibility at any time, from anywhere.

    Discover how

    ERP solution image - financial management

    Are any of these common project management challenges holding your organization back?

    • Do you struggle to ensure all project data is accurate, consistent, and easy to obtain for your project managers and teams?
    • Do you want to make project data more transparent across your organization?
    • Do you need to boost project profitability while still meeting ever-increasing client demands?

    Give your teams a complete solution for managing the entire project cycle from project creation to final invoice and project closedown.

    Discover how

    ERP solution image - project management

    Does your organization have any of these common procurement challenges?

    • Do your people need help to make the right buying decisions to reduce maverick spending?
    • Do you need a way to manage better relationships with your suppliers and negotiate better terms and prices?
    • Do you want to embrace better purchasing methods and be able to make changes easily?

    Regulate costs and streamline processes for every stage of the purchasing cycle through contract management, purchasing, order fulfilment and invoice reconciliation and payment.

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    ERP solution image - procurement management

    Core HR

    • Get rid of administrative burdens with a robust core HR system that includes:

    • Employee management: manage and analyze your workforce with a central control center and database.
    • Absence management: record, monitor and report any type of employees’ absence.
    • Expense management: minimize administration for managers and employees by offering completely self-driving expense entry and automating approval process and expense calculations.

    Discover how

    Core HR Solutions - Unit4


    • Sync all your HR data with your Payroll Management software, gain agility and manage complex calculations from a single system:

    • Enable better accuracy and less data duplication for more efficient payroll management.
    • Streamline and automate payroll processes so your employees only intervene when needed.
    • Create custom reports using all employee and payroll data, visualize insights and make better-informed decisions.

    Discover how

    Payroll Solutions - Unit4

    A Solution that’s Right for Your Business

    Unit4’s next-generation smart ERP solution

    By combining our mid-sized experience – with a relentless focus on people – onto an industry-leading cloud platform, we've built finance and HR solutions to be just right 4U.

    Find out more about our vision for ERP

    • Functionality, right for your industry and size, localized for multiple countries, and delivered by people who understand your business.

    • User experience built for your people; powerful for pros; lightweight for others; automated as much as we can.

    • Built on a native public Cloud platform and enabled to adapt, expand, and integrate across the enterprise.

    Building customer success

    We're trusted worldwide by organizations that serve people

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    Logo of Unit4 customer, Havas
    Logo of Unit4 customer, IO Interactive
    Kinetic IT
    Logo of Unit4 customer Saab
    Save the Children logo

    Unit4 is making the council smarter and more agile. By automating and streamlining processes in the cloud, as well as introducing self-service, Southampton City Council can direct more resources to front-line services.

    Helen Baker

    ERP Support and Development Manager, Southampton City Council

    Making a real difference

    Here are some examples of the concrete benefits
    and savings our customers experience by using
    our solutions


    HR hours saved annually


    saved in hourly costs by streamlining processes


    decrease in resources for financial consolidation


    improvement in forecasting accuracy

    Success stories

      Tackling change and accelerating growth

      This fast-growing European digital services group adopted Unit4's intuitive cloud platform to empower finance teams, drive business growth and increase agility.

      Find out how

      Supporting growth and transformation

      “We were looking for an agile cloud solution that would deliver a new People Experience and intelligent insights to our teams.”

      Kaj Wikström
      CFO of Qvantel

      Find out more

      Powering the future

      Discover how this nuclear decommissioning organization is driving agile, people-centric business change with integrated Unit4 ERP, FP&A, and Talent Management platforms to bolster organization-wide transformation.

      Find out more

      Highly accurate interlinked forecasting

      With Unit4 ERP, this Canadian hotel chain eliminated 25,000 hours of manual data entry equivalent to approximately $750,000 savings annually.

      Learn more

      Empowering people to fight poverty

      This major global nonprofit organization is partnering with Unit4 and ITK Solutions to jumpstart its transformation strategy.

      Find out more

      Trusted worldwide by service-focused organizations

      See how our products and services help organizations like yours transform both how they do business and how their people feel about work.

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