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Raise your expectations of what Human Capital Management (HCM) can do for you and your people. Unit4’s solutions are designed to deliver a superior People Experience across your entire organization.

Energize Your People

Unit4 HCM delivers more individualized control, clearer insights for better decision-making and faster time-to-value — all with a transformative People Experience.

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    Engage, Relate and Enable

    Make coaching sessions more focused and personal.

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    Streamline, Automate and Focus

    Free up your people’s time for more meaningful work.

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    Understand, Plan and Act

    Be better informed to get the best from your talent.

Unit4 Human Capital Management Delivers

Unit4 HCM enables you to engage, support and inspire your people through a seamless blend of our advanced payroll, HR and intuo talent management solutions, with easy integration for other essential third-party ecosystem applications.

Payroll Management

  • Work from a single, shared version of the truth for HR, Payroll and Finance, enabling better accuracy and less duplication for more efficient processes.
  • Streamline and automate processes so staff only intervene when necessary — freeing up valuable time for teams to focus on more important work.
Screenshot of the Payroll Management module in Unit4 Human Capital Management

HR Management

  • See and manage your people’s entire hire-to-retire cycle with a central control center and database.
  • Help HR teams gain more time to spend on strategic work by using intelligent workflows and staff self-service—reducing manual processes, duplications and human error.
  • Improve time, attendance and leave management — make it easier for employees to request and view absences.
Screenshot of the HR Management module in Unit4 Human Capital Management

Performance Management from Unit4 intuo

  • Ask, give, aggregate and use both internal and external feedback throughout your process.
  • Translate your company's strategy into transparent objectives and align them with each person’s goals.
  • Manage worthwhile conversations from onboarding interviews to performance reviews.
  • Uncover high-performers and make sound strategic decisions with data aggregation and analysis.
Screenshot of the Talent Management module in Unit4 Human Capital Management

Employee Engagement from Unit4 intuo

  • Detect opportunities and prevent issues by sending out mini-surveys on the state of your culture.
  • Easily track engagement data and spot trends across the organization or against different demographic attributes using heatmaps.
Screenshot of Employee engagement Module in Unit4 Human Capital Management

Learning Management from Unit4 intuo

  • Aim for certified, cost-effective job and product knowledge with a user-friendly learning platform.
  • Build and manage custom courses to share knowledge more effectively.
  • Go beyond the classroom by supporting online, offline and blended learning.
  • Recognize each person’s achievements with easy certification management.
Screenshot of Learning Management module in Unit4 Human Capital Management

People Planning & Analytics

  • Make better-informed people-based decisions, including deployment.
  • Apply data from your ERP and HCM systems across your organization with ease.
  • Harness analytics purpose-built for people-centric organizations, to inform your decisions, so you always have the right people doing the right things to propel your organization forward.
Screenshot of the People Planning and Analytics module in Unit4 Human Capital Management

Attract, select and hire great talent

  • Gain a world-class candidate experience that lets you reach, engage, and connect with talent wherever they are.
  • Experience robust applicant tracking, complemented by collaboration tools that drive hiring manager engagement.
  • Deliver a seamless journey for new hires and recruiters with digital offer management and reporting.
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Create a Better Way to Work

Unit4’s software-as-a-service platform delivers intelligent enterprise applications on a foundation for your organization to innovate and deliver great experiences. Your people get the flexibility and freedom to have what they need, how, when and where they need it.

  • Swiftly adapt to change with easily reconfigurable tools.

  • Gain smarter workflows by automating back-office tasks in the background.

  • Interact with your systems via a natural language digital assistant to quickly manage everyday tasks. Optimize decision-making and governance with greater visibility and simplified compliance.

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Employee Engagement Trends

Our Unit4 intuo talent management experts explore what influences employee engagement, what’s working and who has it as a priority in 2020.

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