Respond to trade challenges

Keep evolving as the challenges of the dynamic chain change while remaining cost-effective

Enjoy business processes optimization

Fully optimize your business processes and supply chain by managing the dynamics of the digital revolution

Deliver operational transparency

Make better-informed decisions and deliver operational transparency across the supply chain

Control your whole supply chain 

Keep your supply chain up to date and on side by using solutions that fully support the supply chain cycle

What if you could control your supply chain AND respond to trade challenges?

Your industry is continually subjected to many trade challenges. Not only is the supply chain constantly moving, companies too are changing all the time. New business models emerge quickly, while the role of ecommerce and mobility disrupts the way the market works.

Optimization of your business processes and your supply chain should not be a burden, but a powerful process that can help you become a higher profile organization that delivers significant strategic advantage.

This is why our approach to enterprise software is different. We believe your ERP should be your ultimate strategic partner and we will work with you to enhance your operations so that you can respond effectively to the changing market, more demanding customers, dynamic supply chain and to your specific needs to get you up and running and supporting your trading processes – without delay or business disruption. 

Fully automate and optimize your business processes and supply chain by managing the dynamics of the digital revolution.

Visa Göm

Whether you have physical sales or a mixture of physical and digital sales, keep in constant control of your trading processes with a view to the future.

  • Manage and automate your supply chain with minimal effort.

  • Play a leading role in the supply chain.

  •  Sell directly to customers or in corporation with retail partners with ease.

  • Connect and increase collaboration and communication with business partners, suppliers and customers across the supply chain.

  • Enjoy effective warehouse management with technology for picking, packing and shipping.

  • Benefit from complete project management and visibility of resources/time used.

  • Have full control over loading of goods or fulfilment.


Over 400 wholesale businesses have transformed themselves from being merely providers of back office processing and retrospective reporting to becoming high profile organizations that deliver significant strategic advantage by responding quick to the rapidly changing market, business and more demanding customers.

  • "Unit4 has a great deal of experience in automating construction material wholesaling. A number of our partner companies are already working with Unit4 solutions and report both good functionality and comprehensive support for staff."

    Veris Construction Materials Group

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  • "To gain competitive advantage, we wanted one method and one ICT area, because automation plays an increasingly large role in our organization. In addition, we wanted a partner who would be able to manage all of our ICT related matters. We asked Unit4 to manage the entire process, not only with software, but also with technical knowledge and the delivery of the right hardware."

    - The Imbema Group (Technical Wholesale Business)

  • "Whatever we trade in, our ERP and e-commerce systems can help us sell anything. We can now respond quickly to change."

    Autosport Tepper

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Information at the heart of your operations

Visa Göm

Enjoy unlimited dimensions of analysis, with structures that can be changed at any time as required – for example, to support a new organization chart, new product ranges etc – without the need for IT support or external consultants.

  • Respond immediately to situations by being automatically informed of business critical events and conditions.

  • Be responsive to sudden changes and unforeseen operational problems.

  • Keep on top of your workload, stay informed and keep 'in the know'.

  • Warn users when things don't go as planned, and give them the opportunity to react as necessary.

  • Enable customers to switch from online to off-line channels and still experience one single source of information, such as stock availability, price, etc.

What if you could control your whole supply chain while managing high volume/low margin operations?

Supply chains are constantly evolving, leading to organizational processes and requirements also changing at increasingly rapid rates. What you need is a solution to support these changing processes.

Unit4 Business World is an ERP system that is quick and cost effective to adjust, even after initial implementation. The solution supports dynamic wholesalers in the execution of the supply chain cycle:

Procure-to-pay – Control the complete purchase process and call upon purchase management as an instrument to increase your success and profitability.

Supply chain execution – Ensure that the right goods are available, at the right time, in the right place, in the right quantity at minimal costs.

Order-to-cash – Manage the movement of goods between unlimited administrations or branches and have real-time insight of your stock.

Value-added services – Take over the processing tasks from your supplier or buyers, removing the burden and improving relationships.

The fully integrated e-commerce platform supports the ecommerce needs and channel strategies of wholesalers.

Unit4 Wholesale solution wheel

Molnet i din takt

Med Unit4:s unika koncept Molnet i din takt kan du och ditt team fritt flytta data och arbetsytor mellan privata och pubilka moln samt lokalbaserade servrar.

På det sättet uppnår du optimal frihet, effektivitet, säkerhet och regeluppfyllnad eftersom du kontrollerar exakt vad som placeras i molnet och när.

Detta är styrkan i Business World On! Molnet i din takt. Våra lösningar har samma funktionalitet oavsett hur och var du kör dem.


Unit4 Molnet i din takt