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Dedicated, standalone
financial management
& accounting software

We believe that “best in class” should live up to its name. Put our no-compromise Unit4 Financials by Coda financial management software at the heart of your organization to transform financial accounting, procurement, billing and asset management.

Help your professionals transform from backward-looking to forward-driving — providing insights, advice and leadership for your organization.

Empower your finance teams

The Full Picture

Multi-everything insights from one source of truth.

Designed for Growth
and Change

So processes can scale and adapt with your business.

Proactive Decision Support

Deliver flexible, real-time financial intelligence.

Unit4 Financials by Coda delivers

Our best-in-class solution works seamlessly with your chosen industry and role-specific applications, giving your teams the day-to-day financial management and real-time insights they need to help drive your organization’s success.

    No-Compromise Financial Management

    • Single ledger — make changes just once, for real-time financial information that’s always in balance.
    • Multi-everything — classify, measure, and analyze your business globally while still meeting local requirements locally.
    • Interoperable — keep adding value to your specialized systems without affecting them or being affected when they need to be changed or replaced.
    Screenshot of financial management reports

    Financial Accounting

    • Get the true financial picture with real-time drill down from high-level balances down to original source documents.
    • Use “Flexi-fields” to capture more complete and relevant information, helping your people make better decisions faster.
    • Take the stress out of period close with a single financial model that ensures your accounts are always up to date and in balance.
    Screenshot of financial accounting reports

    Procurement Management

    • Improve control and drive efficiencies throughout the entire procurement process.
    • Drive compliance by providing a better experience that maximizes user adoption.
    • Understand which suppliers deliver the best value, focus your spend and streamline your approved suppliers.
    • Arm your procurement managers with the facts and insights to negotiate more effectively with preferred suppliers.
    Screenshot of procurement management reports

    Billing Management

    • Make it easier for your teams to raise and track billing documents. Use workflows to get bills approved and ready to send more promptly.
    • Help your business and finance people work together more efficiently and improve invoice accuracy to reduce customer disputes and receive payments faster.
    • Post bills straight back into your accounts for accurate reporting and better-informed action.
    Screenshot of billing management reports

    Asset Management

    • Manage assets with confidence across businesses, countries, and currencies with full control over capitalization, disposal and depreciation.
    • Use automation to reduce the time your people spend on admin tasks such as depreciation processing.
    • Integrate asset tracking with accounting, procurement and other financial functions for full financial control and visibility.
    Screenshot of  Asset management reports

    Create a better way to work

    Unit4’s software-as-a-service platform delivers intelligent enterprise applications on a foundation for your organization to innovate and deliver great experiences. Your people get the flexibility and freedom to have what they need, how, when and where they need it.

    • Swiftly adapt to change with easily reconfigurable tools.

    • Gain smarter workflows by automating back-office tasks.

    • Interact with your systems via a natural language digital assistant to quickly manage everyday tasks.

    • Optimize decision-making and governance with greater visibility and simplified compliance.

    FP&A Lite

    FP&A Lite
    for Unit4 Financials by Coda

    FP&A Lite helps transform Unit4 Financials by Coda
    in the cloud
    into a more strategic platform, with better dashboarding for analysis, planning and forecasting.

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