I started at Unit4 almost a year ago and even in that short time span, I have been able to change into a role that is really right for me. To me, that’s testament of the great culture at Unit4 and that people are empowered to do what they do best.


Most of my working experience has been in the Education sector and I’m very pleased to now work as an Account Manager for and with our Higher Education customers in the sector.

Although most of my customers are universities in the UK, I also have the privilege to work with Reykjavik University in Iceland on their Unit4 Student Management implementation.

As part of the implementation process, I’ve been out there four times now and one of my personal Unit4 highlights actually happened while on site last November.

One of the days, the uni team excitedly informed us that the Northern Lights might appear that night. So after dinner, we went outside and were fortunate enough to see the Aurora Borealis! It was absolutely amazing and we watched for ages.

The next day, someone from the Reykjavik community – it’s a relatively small region, with only around 200,000 inhabitants – messaged the Mayor asking if he could switch off the city lights that night. And guess what? He did! That evening from 10 pm to midnight, the city was pitch black and we could enjoy this spectacular natural phenomenon in full display. It was simply an unforgettable experience.

Photo credit: Edo-Jan Meijer, Creative Manager, Unit4 Design Center.