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More about Unit4 solutions for key types of public sector organization

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Public Sector solutions for Finance and HR

Our public sector software solutions focus on People Experience to help free your teams to do more of what matters: delivering greater value to the community.

Better manage public sector operations, processes and spend

    Hit “Play” to watch our short overview video and discover why Unit4's cloud solutions are ideal for public sector organizations.

    Our technology sits at the heart of the organizations we serve, enabling collaboration, improving efficiency and productivity; helping you transform work into a more meaningful and inspiring experience for your people.

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    Watch our demo video to see how public sector organizations can be more agile and future ready.
    • Adopt an integrated financial planning approach. 
    • Clearly define organizational goals. 
    • Break down goals into measurable activities. 
    • Scenario plan, before making well-informed decisions. 
    • Build a workforce strategy, which addresses the skills you need now and in the future.

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    Watch our demo video to see how public sector organizations can deliver more streamlined, “joined-up” operations.
    • Address out-of-date legacy systems. 
    • Break down silos and benefit from one common set of data. 
    • Simplify and secure operations, with a flexible SaaS platform. 
    • Connect 3rd party applications and design your own interfaces. 
    • Integrate your operations within a eco-system designed to evolve as your needs change.

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    Watch our demo video to see how public sector organizations can empower their finance teams and decision-makers with smarter budgeting tools.
    • Effectively manage your budget with a single source of truth. 
    • View budget dashboards with grants, capital and people. 
    • Find workspaces designed for finance users, with flags if you are nearing a budget threshold. 
    • Respond faster to changing priorities by making proactive adjustments based on facts. 
    • Provide full transparency of costs and dependencies, with a streamlined approval process. 
    • View your people costs and benchmark salaries, where you have skills shortages, to support your workforce planning.

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    Watch our demo video to see how public sector organizations can transform their source-to-payment (S2P) processes.
    • Assess, monitor and analyze your supply chain to protect revenue and meet regulatory requirements. 
    • Create contracts with ease using ready-made templates or customize to meet your needs. 
    • Automate your procure to pay solution, with integrations to your product catalogue or external marketplaces. 
    • Manage your suppliers, with analytics and insights into contract utilization that will enable you to improve your strategic sourcing.

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    Watch our demo video to see how public sector organizations can gain the resilience and agility to plan, respond and thrive in ever-changing times.
    • Visualize your historic employee costs and simulate organizational change. 
    • Understand the associated impacts and include commentary to support sign-off. 
    • Implement your new organizational structure with ease. 
    • Get new team members up and running quickly. 
    • Prepare your organization for perpetual change.

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    Watch our demo video to see how public sector organizations can engage with their talented people and keep them achieving their best.
    • Plan for your workforce of the future. 
    • Accommodate flexible working arrangements. 
    • Empower people with Employee Self Service for ‘how do I?’ queries. 
    • Develop your employees, with on-line learning. 
    • Set objectives that align to your organizational strategy and regularly review performance. 
    • Listen to your people, often working remotely, with pulse surveys and action feedback. 
    • Maintain a central, single source of truth for every employee.

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    Boosting shared service transformation


    Modern public sector shared services have been created to increase operational efficiency, streamline processes and control spend. In order to work effectively, they need total visibility – to not only speed up response times, but also ensure transparency and accountability to all their stakeholders.

    Unit4 solutions provide the foundation for complex shared service transformation – delivering agility and interoperability that reduces data siloes and enables collaboration across all service functions. We change the way your centralized office works, keeping costs down and improving efficiency for a dispersed organization.

    Your partner in public service excellence

    Unit4 solutions enable public sector organizations like yours to boost productivity, reduce costs, effectively plan for the future and do even better for the people you serve.

    Unit4 is making the council smarter and more agile. By automating and streamlining processes in the cloud, as well as introducing self-service, Southampton City Council can direct more resources to front-line services.

    Helen Baker

    ERP Support and Development Manager, Southampton City Council

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    Spotlight on IFRS 16

    Ensure public sector lease compliance with IFRS 16

    IFRS 16 standards are coming into force for public sector organizations in 2024. If you’re still using legacy software to manage lease accounting, this will create extra manual work for your finance teams.

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    What is IFRS 16 and how will it impact organizations in 2024?

    Read our blog to discover more about the challenges organizations will face as they transition to the new lease accounting standard and how Unit4 can provide a cloud-based solution.

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    Key sectors

    Here are some examples of major types of public sector organizations where we already help.

    Central & Federal Government

    Enabling departments to drive efficiency.

    Sub-industry icon - central and federal government

    Local & Regional Government

    Helping citizens and communities thrive.

    Sub-industry icon - government


    Giving the best possible care to patients.

    Sub-industry icon - healthcare

    Emergency Services

    Delivering safe and trusted assistance.

    Sub-industry icon - emergency services

    We can help YOUR organization drive strategy, boost performance and adapt to change – let’s talk!

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