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Unit4 AI Innovation

Empowering people & driving real results with artificial intelligence

Streamline operations and reduce manual ERP interactions with Unit4's AI-powered solutions, continually revolutionizing workflows and driving better people experiences.

Unit4 AI innovation

Unit4 AI: people-first technology

At Unit4, we prioritize the individual user, streamlining workflows and minimizing errors to accelerate task completion.
Our next-generation SaaS platform seamlessly integrates these innovations into your key processes,
maintaining a strong focus on achieving tangible AI goals:

> 30%

reduction of time-on-task

> 50%

reduction in errors

> 60%

increased speed to resolution 

Your people at the heart of our AI strategy

Our AI-driven tools are tailored to supercharge your finance, planning, and people operations,
fostering strategic growth and operational excellence.


  • Pragmatic AI integration: Boost performance with AI processes designed to reduce task completion times and enhance data accuracy.

  • Augmented human activity: Amplify the impact of your team’s efforts and unlock new potentials within your ERP system.

  • Enhanced UX: Elevate employee experiences with intuitive AI solutions that simplify daily tasks and increase productivity. 

  • Customer-centric security: Our ethical innovation, regulatory compliance, and cybersecurity measures ensure user and community trust and safety. Read more 

Work in a more efficient, productive and fulfilling way with AI
Create a more efficient, productive, and fulfilling workplace with AI

Discover the profound impact of technology on employee experience and learn how to harness the power of AI and smart automation to empower your people.

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Discover AI optimizations for your operational processes

We use artificial intelligence only where it will make the biggest impact. Take a look at
some of our latest AI enhancements that are coming to our customers.


Streamline payroll processing
Streamline payroll processing

The Payroll Navigator utilizes machine learning and automation to increase accuracy and simplify exception handling, transforming your payroll operations.

Benefit from up to a 30% increase on time saved on payroll processes with 50% less manual effort to fix errors and 40% less time for new hire onboarding. 

Simplify invoice management
Simplify invoice management 

Enhance efficiency with Unit4’s Smart Assistant, reducing manual input through automated task handling and streamlined approvals in invoice processing.

Benefit from up to 30% time saved in handling invoices, up to 40% faster response time to supplier invoice queries and up to 90% increase in efficiency for multiclient invoice handling.

Empower your people to enhance the system
Empower your people to enhance the system

Enable non-technical users to build integrations and automate workflows easily with our generative AI-powered Extension Kit Assistant, part of our low-code development platform. Users can make inputs using natural language. 

Automate bank statement processing
Automate bank statement processing

Improve accuracy and speed in bank reconciliations with AI technology that automates matching and recognizes patterns, ensuring fast and reliable processing.

Optimize your projects delivery
Optimize your projects delivery

Use AI to ensure projects meet critical metrics like budget and timeline, integrating core data across your organization for optimal resource utilization

Enhance reporting with data storytelling
Enhance reporting with data storytelling

Integrate Generative AI into your reporting for actionable insights and detailed explanations of data deviations, adding depth and precision to your financial analysis

Leading with integrity in AI innovation for ERP systems

Unit4's commitment to transparency, accuracy, and compliance aims to build
trust and uphold the integrity of our AI-enhanced ERP solutions, particularly in
high-risk sectors like public services, banking, and insurance. Our approach centers on:


    Data privacy and security

    • Adherence to GDPR and the EU AI Act with continuous updates to match legal and ethical standards.
    • Robust security measures protect against cyber threats and data breaches.
    Data privacy and security

    Ethical AI use

    • Transparent and accountable AI decision-making processes.
    • Detailed technical documentation and dataset summaries ensure bias mitigation and compliance with EU copyright laws.
    Ethical AI use

    Accuracy and reliability

    • Striving for precise AI outputs with mechanisms to monitor and maintain accuracy over time.
    • Human oversight allows for evaluation and adjustment of AI decisions.
    Accuracy and reliability

    Data governance

    Comprehensive documentation on training datasets to ensure transparency and compliance with regulations on personally identifiable information (PII).

    Data governance

    Tailored cybersecurity

    Customized measures to counter unauthorized access and ensure system resilience. 

    Tailored cybersecurity

    Want to know how to supercharge YOUR ERP with AI?

    Talk to our experts to see how your organization can benefit from Unit4’s AI innovations.