Our solutions for nonprofit organizations focus on People Experience to help free your teams to do more of what matters: making a positive impact in the world.

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Run and scale your organization more successfully. Our people-centric solutions are purpose-built for nonprofits, with industry-leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) solutions.

Deliver more impact

  • Don’t be held back by outdated systems; empower your people
  • Streamline, automate and modernize processes
  • Respond to change quickly and without disruption
  • Give frontline staff real-time information and approvals
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Optimize funding allocation

  • Strengthen donor relationships through better grant management
  • Harness modern technology to satisfy donor expectations
  • Easily analyze and report on impact 
  • Reduce administrative costs 

Make better decisions

  • Replace siloed, outdated systems to create a single version of truth
  • Give your frontline teams real-time, device-agnostic access to data and insights 
  • Gain better visibility to allocate people and resources more effectively
  • Gather data direct from the field for faster, better-informed decisions 
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Improve compliance & accountability

  • Safeguard public trust, and satisfy regulatory and donor requirements
  • Track all transactions, documents and approval audit trails
  • Monitor and minimize back-office spending
  • Keep projects and costs under close control
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Break free from legacy systems

Set your organization up to thrive in the future while delivering on its mission now. You can’t afford to ignore the negative effects of outdated systems on the People Experience and the impact you deliver.

It’s vital to make the best use of your people’s precious time and to maximize the impact you can deliver with available funding. You also need to satisfy the rising demands of regulators and tech-savvy donors. Conventional, labor-intensive legacy systems and disjointed manual processes no longer meet these needs. So why let them hold you back?

Make your teams more productive while increasing the visibility and control they need to achieve your mission — with the Unit4 People Experience Suite. Learn more

33% of every working year is spent on administrative or repetitive tasks*

* Unit4’s Global Productivity Study

Your New Unit4 People Experience Suite

Put the work that matters front and center and automate the rest. Unleash the potential within your organization with our people-focused enterprise solutions for the Nonprofit sector.

Unit4 - ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning

Improve your people’s work lives with a fully integrated ERP suite purpose built for nonprofit organizations

Financial Planning with Unit4 Enterprise Software

Financial Planning & Analysis

Unlock clear insights and make better-informed, future-forward decisions with intelligent planning, budgeting and forecasting

Human Capital Management with Unit4 Enterprise Software

Human Capital Management

Recruit, retain and engage top talent committed to your mission with advanced payroll, HR and talent management solutions

Customer Success Stories

As an active participant in the Microsoft-led Tech for Social Good Common Data Model initiative, and with strong involvement with Humentum and NetHope, Unit4 helps NGOs and nonprofit associations and foundations around the world to deliver on their missions.

War Child - the global non-profit that can now dedicate more of its time and resources to achieving its vision

Customer Overview: War Child

Global non-profit is now able to dedicate more of its time and resources to achieving its vision of a world in which no child’s life is torn apart by war.

Trusted by nonprofit organizations worldwide
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