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Our enterprise, people, procurement and financial planning solutions for Nonprofit help free your humanitarian, religious, environmental, animal welfare and research organization teams to do more of what matters: make a greater positive impact in the world.

Better manage nonprofit projects, programs, grants and funding

    Watch our demo video to see how nonprofits can better engage with their talented people and help them achieve their best.
    • Reduce employee turnover and increase job satisfaction.
    • Empower and equip your workforce with the right digital tools.
    • Identify any gaps in competencies and support decisions for new roles.
    • Assign the right people to the right projects for greater mission impact.

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    Watch our demo video to understand – when managing many moving parts – how the right software can help.
    • Accurately measure and report on the use of funds.
    • Near real-time performance analysis to track project progress.
    • Monitor expenditure and income from grants to ensure compliance.
    • Post-project pulse surveys (beneficiaries, donors and employees).

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    Watch our demo video to learn how to track nonprofit operations with greater transparency to create lasting impact.
    • See all parts of your nonprofit within a structured view.
    • Make better decisions while remaining compliant.
    • Monitor expenditure from donor to deployment.
    • Ensure your financial activity is compliant.

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    Watch our demo video to learn how to make quicker decisions confidently, while keeping your nonprofit nimble amidst endless volatility.
    • A single source of truth for all your data.
    • Pre-built content specific for nonprofits.
    • Take financial planning and analysis to the next level.
    • Model strategies to visualize impact of decisions.

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    Watch our demo video to learn how to better plan and manage programs linked to your nonprofit’s mission, in a user-friendly way.
    • Focus more on increasing accountability and building trust.
    • A solid foundation for your nonprofit’s financial planning.
    • Comprehensive people, grant, and budget planning.
    • Align resources and remain adaptable to changing scenarios.

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    Trusted by nonprofit organizations worldwide

    Purpose built for nonprofits

    Additional resources

    ERP and HCM solutions that cut reporting time by 90%

    Nucleus Research gives an insight how Unit4’s integrated ERP and HCM solutions help nonprofit and public sector customers.

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    Complexity vs. clarity: A balancing act for effective reporting

    Explore how nonprofit organizations like yours are harnessing built-for-purpose ERP and FP&A solutions to meet these challenges.

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    A shared vision with humanitarian organizations

    Discover how Unit4’s sector knowledge and out-of-the-box functionality boosts productivity, impact, and donor satisfaction.

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    Creating permanent positive change

    Learn more about the next frontier for nonprofits, who accelerated their digital transformation in the wake of COVID-19.

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    Supporting you in your role

    Discover how our solutions transform the way Finance, HR and IT leaders work and help them focus on driving key outcomes for their organization.

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    Customer success stories

    As an active participant in the Microsoft-led Tech for Social Good Common Data Model initiative, and with strong involvement with Humentum and NetHope, Unit4 helps NGOs and nonprofit associations and foundations around the world to deliver on their missions.

      Customer Interview: Heifer International

      Helping this nonprofit reduce costs and deliver high donor transparency, to boost its support for 3m families in need.

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      Customer Interview: War Child

      This global nonprofit is now able to dedicate more of its time and resources to achieving its vision of a world in which no child’s life is torn apart by war.

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      Customer Interview: Action Against Hunger

      Learn from FD, Mathias Horcher's experience with Unit4 ERP, the team's journey to the Cloud and what they plan for the future. (Spanish with English subtitles)

      Customer Interview: CGIAR

      Improving grant funding and spend management, so this nonprofit’s teams can spend more time supporting global agriculture.

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      Customer Story: Oxfam America

      This major global nonprofit organization is partnering with Unit4 and ITK Solutions to jumpstart its transformation strategy.

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      Trusted worldwide by nonprofit organizations

      See how our products and services help organizations like yours transform both how they do business and how their people feel about work.

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