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Enterprise systems and software for Higher Education administration

Our higher education administration solutions focus on People Experience to help free your back-office support staff and faculty to do more of what matters: achieving the best in education and research.

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Run and scale your institution more successfully.

Our people-centric solutions are purpose-built for higher education institutions. Better manage your organization with a blend of industry-leading software: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM), and Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A).

    Smarter now, smarter future

    Introducing: the Unit4 People Experience Suite for Higher Education

    Improve institutional effectiveness

    • Understand what each team really costs…and contributes
    • Cut through siloed processes and procedures
    • Focus more on students, compliance and accountability
    • Enable data-driven decision making

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    Break free from legacy systems

    If you want your institution to thrive in today’s crowded marketplace, then you can’t afford to ignore the impact that outdated systems have on productivity and People Experience.

    It’s vital to make the best use of precious academic and staff time and to maximize funding while also satisfying the needs of tech-savvy and increasingly demanding students. Conventional, labor-intensive legacy systems and disjointed manual processes no longer meet these needs. So why let them hold you back?

    Give your teams and students the time, visibility and control they need to make a difference and build success—with the Unit4 People Experience Suite.


    of academics’ time, in Universities with outdated systems, goes on admin. duties*

    * PWC study

    Cover image of the infographic for Tambellini’s 2022 Financial Management and HCM Systems Report

    Tambellini: 2022 Financial Management and HCM Systems Report

    Read Tambellini Group’s recent analyst market share and trends report to discover the strengths of Unit4’s ERP solution for higher education institutions.

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    Supporting you in your role

    Discover how our solutions transform the way Finance, HR and IT leaders work and help them focus on driving key outcomes for their organization.

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