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Support from Unit4

We’re committed to giving you easy access to the knowledge and friendly, professional help to solve any problems or queries and get the best from your solution.


Our Customer & Partner Community

With dedicated product forums, our Community brings together people with shared interests – enabling you to:

  • Engage with other customers and partners.
  • Get in touch and ask questions.
  • Share tips and best practices.
  • Find solutions that will help make your life easier.
  • Suggest product enhancements.


For these and all other products of Unit4 (*see below) you can also:

  • Explore product documentation, software downloads and an extensive Knowledge Base.
  • Check product news and releases.
  • Report incidents or enter service requests and track their progress.
  • View the general cloud release schedule, server performance and other cloud-related information for your cloud-based Unit4 solutions.

Sign up for Sign-in

If you wish to have an account for our community, please send an email to: [email protected] or ask the colleague registered as your organization’s Key User in Community4U to create this for you. Please note that all access requests received by us will need to be confirmed by your organization's Key User.

*Solutions in Community4U

The following solutions are covered in Community4U: Unit4 Absence Manager, Unit4 Dream Financials, Unit4 Enterprise Resource Planning (formerly Unit4 Business World), Unit4 Financial Planning & Analysis (formerly Unit4 Prevero), Unit4 Financial Performance Management (formerly: Unit4 Consolidation & Cash), Unit4 Financials, Unit4 HRM Portal, Unit4 KIRP7, Unit4 KIRP8, Unit4 MAP, Unit4 Profiskal, Unit4 Property Management, Unit4 PSA Suite, Unit4 Transfare, Unit4 Webinfo.

Support for other Unit4 solutions

Work is continuing on the migration of any remaining Unit4 solutions not yet included on Community4U.

In the meantime, we will continue to support our other software solutions via the existing channels and online resources.

5 great reasons to join Community4U

    Mutual Support

    Within our Community, we support each other.

    We relate to each other’s struggles and learn from each other’s experiences.

    Access to Specific Knowledge

    Participating in the Community, means benefiting from access to a wealth of specialized knowledge.

    You surround yourself with businesses and professionals who know your market, products and services.

    Build Your Network

    Engage with peers, meet people with common interests (e.g. similar organization in same industry, same role in same transformation) and build your professional network.

    Professional Growth

    The Community provides many opportunities for professional growth because we learn from each other.

    Be and find mentors and inspiration that can help drive you and others forward.

    Leadership Opportunities

    The Community is a chance to step forward and distinguish yourself as a thought leader.

    You can help others, teach them, guide them to achieve more with the help of your unique experience.

    Unit4 Global Support Options

    At Unit4, our aim is to ensure you can achieve maximum benefit from using our solutions. With this in mind, we have developed a range of customer services to complement your organization's resources and enable you to realize the full benefits of your investment in our solutions. Our Support services and resources play a key role in achieving this.

    Graphic illustrating elements of Unit4's approach to Global Support and Customer Success Management

    Support to fit YOUR needs

    Choosing the right support model to suit your needs is an essential part of maximizing the value that Unit4 solutions can bring to your organization. However, we also understand that no two organizations are identical and that our solutions will be more strategically important to some than to others. That’s why we offer multiple combinations for Cloud and On Premises customers, to make sure you are in control.

    We've put customer success, above all else, at the heart of our new support offer, giving you the freedom to choose the level of support that fits your specific needs from Day One, as well as the flexibility to upgrade as your needs evolve.

    What can you pick?

    • Standard Package: prompt support, including Customer Success Management (CSM). There for you whenever you need assistance.

    • Premium Package: KPIs with resolution targets and improved response time and the best-in-class customer success management experience.

    • Managed Application Services (MAS): A choice of add-on professional service options to suit your in-house resources and requirements.

    Designed for who?

    • Standard Package: Our new standard now includes a variation of the CSM experience for every customer. And it will ensure we stay on track for business success both as the end goal and throughout the journey.

    • Premium Package: Business-critical support for companies in need of the best-in-class experience, to ensure their success. Stay on top plus always in touch with the latest news/releases/updates.

    • MAS: We can provide various options for hands-on application administration of your Unit4 solution, allowing your team to focus on your business needs, assured that the running and maintenance is being taken care of.