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Financial Planning & Analysis Software

Forecast accurately. Model efficiently. Navigate financial planning & analysis uncertainty with agility through enhanced collaboration, and more timely data-driven decisions.  Free yourself from complexity and over-reliance of spreadsheets, while better integrating strategy and operations for greater business insights.


Plan smarter. Budget robustly. Forecast accurately.


Watch our 90-second explainer and see how we can help your organization thrive in fast-changing times.

  • Collaborate – Strengthen partnerships across your organizational functions

  • Optimize – Unify data, reduce risk and simplify processes

  • Navigate – Respond with agility to uncertain market conditions

Increase speed and accuracy in planning

Empower and align your teams

Gain deeper insight for better decision-making

Report faster. Analyze in-depth.
Model efficiently.

Our cloud FP&A software helps you put the numbers to work – through smarter planning, budgeting & forecasting, reporting & analytics.

    Navigate financial planning challenges

    • Consolidate data from different sources
    • Shorten planning cycles
    • Centralize data collection and planning
    • Adjust plans at short notice
    Screenshot showing the integrated financial planning capabilities of Unit4 FP&A

    Enhanced analysis and dashboarding

    • Integrate data from different sources
    • View numbers across actuals, plans and forecast
    • Drill down to identify root causes and dependencies
    • Track performance across key strategic drivers
    Screenshot showing the Reporting, Analysis & Dashboarding capabilities of Unit4 FP&A

    Cross functional people planning

    • Consistent, collaborative, agile and accurate planning
    • More granular employee level planning
    • Increased workforce analytics
    • Combine workforce planning with financial and operational planning
    Screenshot showing the People Planning & Analytics capabilities of Unit4 FP&A

    A single system for financial consolidation

    • Integrate with ERP systems to easily consolidate financial data
    • Consistency for consolidators, auditors, FP&A and leadership
    • Time-saving with resource savings for group reporting
    • Meet accountancy standards across complex organizational structures
    Screenshot showing the Financial Consolidation capabilities of Unit4 FP&A

    Regain control, compliance and transparency for IFRS regulations

    • Collect, structure and document existing and future leasing contracts
    • Connect ERP and FP&A with consolidation systems
    • Greater insights on leasing contracts on balance sheet, P&L and KPIs
    • Support for simulations, analysis, and visualizations
    Screenshot showing the IFRS 16 capabilities of Unit4 FP&A

    Supporting you in your role

    Chief Financial Officers (CFO)

    Discover how Unit4 FP&A provides CFOs with a robust single source of truth for better decision-making, business partnerships and service offerings.

    Icon representing the CFO role
    Leaders of FP&A

    Discover how Leaders of FP&A can gain a clearer view of the organization's financial health and drive greater collaboration with other teams.

    Icon representing the FP&A Leader role

    #1 rated software for planning and analysis by many analysts

    Trusted worldwide by organizations that serve people

    NHS East of England Ambulance Service
    Levio Business + Technology
    St Polten logo

    Customer Story: Magnox

    Cloud ERP and FP&A enabled this nuclear decommissioning organization to deliver efficiencies of a 15% reduction in the time taken to produce reports, whilst also delivering a seamless user experience.

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