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Budget and financial forecasting software

Our intelligent financial planning & analysis tools are designed for people who like simple but deal with the complex. We help your teams not only understand the numbers but also share and act on that insight to achieve better results.

Gain Meaningful Insights

Unit4 Financial Planning & Analysis makes it faster and easier for your people to understand what really matters and apply that knowledge to turn your organization’s plans and ideas into action.

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    A Modern, Future-Proofed Solution

    Powered by AI, machine learning and best practices

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    Empowering FP&A Teams

    Designed around intuitive, self-service tools

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    A Single Source of Truth

    One shared platform for all your FP&A work

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Unit4 Financial Planning & Analysis Delivers

Our cloud FP&A software solution gives your people better, faster ways to put the numbers to work — through smarter performance management; planning, budgeting & forecasting; financial consolidation; reporting, visualization & analytics.


Watch our 90-second explainer and see how we can help your organization thrive in fast-changing times.

Financial Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Take a flexible, integrated approach to cover all your organization’s financial planning needs, whether planning cash flow, managing operational budgets, or forecasting sales, costs and revenue.
  • Enhance your budgeting and forecasting with intuitive, high-impact data visualizations, helping you to plan, manage and mitigate risks more effectively.
Screenshot of the Financial, Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting module

Sales & Operations Planning

  • Take an integrated approach to sales planning, analysis and reporting to help define the necessary prerequisites, requirements and processes for your sales operation to deliver even better results.
  • Put a whole range of KPIs at your decision-makers’ fingertips through user-friendly, configurable dashboards.
Screenshot of the Sales & Operations Planning module in Unit4 Financial Planning and Analysis

Analytics & Reporting

  • Free up your teams’ time by using AI and Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics to make people’s daily work simpler and more effective.
  • Analyze, report and share your data quickly and easily — including: drill-down to transactional level; slice and dice; and automated report distribution.
  • Decode the hidden patterns and relationships in historical data to reveal risks and opportunities for your organization.
Screenshot of the Analytics & Reporting module in Unit4 Financial Planning and Analysis

Corporate Performance Management

  • Cover all aspects of your financial and beyond financial planning in one seamless, comprehensive performance management environment.
  • Empower your people leveraging the full power of the platform by business users and avoid needing specialist IT knowledge.
  • Stay focused on what matters through AI functions that take care of low-value work, like defining rules or selecting the right methods.
Screenshot of the Corporate Performance Management module in Unit4 Financial Planning and Analysis

People Planning & Analytics

  • Make better-informed decisions about your people, including how best to deploy them.
  • Apply data from your ERP and HCM systems across your organization with ease.
  • Uncover high-performers and make sound strategic decisions with data aggregation and analysis.
  • Harness analytics to inform your decisions and ensure you always have the right people doing the right things to propel your organization forward.
Screenshot of the People Planning & Analytics module in Unit4 Financial Planning and Analysis

Financial Consolidation

  • Streamline input, simplify intercompany reconciliation and be in control of the group closing process.
  • Leverage the real-life experience and best practices of consolidation experts for a user-friendly, step-by-step workflow.
  • Use intuitive reporting, dashboard and analysis tools to ensure accuracy and pinpoint changes.
Screenshot of the Financial Consolidation module in Unit4 Financial Planning and Analysis


  • Enable a quick and easy introduction of IFRS 16 with a solution that can be implemented without having to invest a large amount of time and money and that works seamlessly with your ERP or consolidation systems.
  • Identify the effects for each leasing contract on balance sheet, P&L and KPIs with a simple click and use intuitive simulation and analysis options (including visualizations) to see the full picture.
Screenshot of the IFRS16 module in Unit4 Financial Planning and Analysis

Create a Better Way to Work

Unit4’s software-as-a-service platform delivers intelligent enterprise applications on a foundation for your organization to innovate and deliver great experiences. Your people get the flexibility and freedom to have what they need, how, when and where they need it.

  • Swiftly adapt to change with easily reconfigurable tools.

  • Gain smarter workflows by automating back-office tasks in the background.

  • Enable more natural interactions using everyday language through a digital assistant

  • Optimize decision-making and governance with greater visibility and simplified compliance.

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Customer Story: Magnox

Cloud ERP and FP&A solutions have enabled this nuclear decommissioning organization to improve efficiency and reduce TCO.

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Increase FP&A effectiveness and transform your team

In today’s world, the FP&A function is being asked to play an ever-larger role in the strategy and success of the enterprise. Take a look at our white paper to explore how FP&A departments can deliver useful insights to your organization and elevate the level of trust and respect they can command as a result.

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