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Operational transformation for Nuclear Restoration Services (NRS)

A complete, integrated Unit4 portfolio is bolstering organization-wide transformation for this nuclear decommissioning organization (formerly known as Magnox).

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The challenge

NRS (formerly known as Magnox) – a subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority – is the management and operations contractor responsible for electricity generation at the Maentwrog hydroelectric power station and for the decommissioning of 12 other nuclear sites in the UK.

The rising cost of materials and energy, government fiscal pressures, and global events all influence corporate strategy. The skills needed to deliver nuclear-related programs are in competitive demand, and business is growing: the UK government has recently announced an agreement with EDF Energy to transfer advanced gas-cooled reactor sites to NRS for future decommissioning.

● Energy sector

● 2,500 employees

● operations across the UK.

Our solution

Unit4 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Improve your people’s daily lives with our suite of fully integrated enterprise applications.

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Financial Planning & Analysis

Make better business decisions faster and transform performance data into clear and usable insights

Unit4 - Financial Planning & Analysis Software

Talent Management

Harness people-focused talent management to equip managers and teams with the right tools to boost productivity, engagement, and growth.

Unit4 - Human Capital & Talent Management Software

How did we help?

  • Deployed cloud-based Unit4 ERP platform to spearhead agile, collaborative decision-making and increased efficiency.

  • Introduced Unit4 FP&A to automate and accelerate responsive, trusted financial budgeting and planning.

  • Implemented Unit4 Talent Management to provide a great place to work, with a collaborative culture, which aligns 2,500 NRS people to the corporate goals and gives them a sense of empowerment and ownership about their careers.


Pivot to growth

Unit4 helps NRS adapt faster to headwinds like rising energy costs, skill shortages, and new decommissioning opportunities.

People-centric business

Embridge Consulting’s change management support helps NRS ensure that their 2,500 people are more engaged and aligned to the organization’s objectives and corporate culture.

Better decisions

Unified finance drives smart, informed financial budgeting and planning decisions.

Talent Management gives people a sense of empowerment and ownership about their careers. NRS has listened to feedback, and by using talent management is supporting people to hold regular, collaborative, one-to-one conversations to develop their careers.

Carina Care

Project Manager, NRS


NRS now benefits from a single, connected view of HR & finance data
and significant efficiency savings:


hours annually across the business – Talent Management is saving 30 minutes x 2,500 staff x twice a year.


more hours monthly for the Finance team – FP&A is projected to save the equivalent of 50 FTE hours a month.

Video & downloads

We can actually see where our talent is, what our objectives are and we can start to then leverage things like succession management and we can also see where the gaps are too.

Mary Kent
Head of IT Programs Delivery

Watch this short video to hear from the NRS (formerly Magnox) team about their Unit4 experience.

Customer story –
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Customer story –
full version

Read the full case study on how Magnox is transforming work for its people, with Unit4.

Cover image for 1-page case study summary for Unit4 customer Magnox

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