Grow revenue and profits

Connect your growth strategy with your project practices

Guarantee project success

Deliver projects on time, in scope, and within budget

Gain business insight

Understand your finances, people and projects to manage change and risk

Provide superior service

Enable your teams to be more informed and responsive

What if your systems delivered both project success and supported strategic growth?

Professional services organisations often face challenges growing their business. Growth, mergers and acquisitions often lead to fragmented processes and you lose insight into the company’s people and finances. We believe your enterprise technology should grow with your business and help you embrace change.

The right ERP software is critical to link project success with your larger strategic growth plans. Tactically, empower your people with the right project and finance information so they can exceed customer expectations. Strategically, manage change so you can be responsive to customer needs and plan for future growth with the right planning software.

Connect project success to company growth with Unit4 Business World for Professional Services.

Project Lifecycle

Deliver projects on time, in scope, within budget

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With Unit4 you can optimise every stage of the “Win – Execute – Bill” project lifecycle. Remove information and resource silos to improve margins, cash flow and profitability.

  • Gain visibility into current and future projects to manage resources and budgets.

  • Proactively plan using a single source of data to identify future capacity and cost constraints.

  • Boost utilisation and profitability by allocating the right people to the right project at the right time, globally.



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Unit4 has worked closely with thousands of project-intensive consulting-centric professional services firms around the world that strive to succeed, while managing business change:

  • "Our Unit4 solution is the sole foundation for our entire group of more than 8,000 employees at 150 locations."

    - CIO, Bravida

    Read the full success story

  • “We knew that with Unit4 we would benefit from a fully integrated, reliable, functionally rich and change embracing ERP platform. In addition we had the confidence that in selecting Unit4's HR solution, the integration between HR and finance would be seamless and require minimal, if any, manual intervention.”

    - National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)

  • "We exist in a dynamic and fast changing project-based environment and from the wide range of products we looked at, Unit4's solution was the only one which could deliver comprehensive project accounting and management information to the standards we require."

    Project Manager, WSP

  • “We chose Unit4 because it is focused on people-centric businesses, where project accounting is the top priority. Perhaps most importantly, the architecture and workflow simplifies functionality extensions for users. Only Unit4 combines robust and comprehensive features with a modern underlying technology and the ability to extend its capabilities with ease.”

    - The Judge Group

  • “I would have no hesitation in recommending Unit4 Business World – it has proven a robust solution that has removed the uncertainty and fear associated with a rapidly changing environment.”

    - Business Analyst, Man Group

Gain real-time insight into finances, people and projects to manage change and identify risks

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  • Eliminate information and process silos to gain a single source of the truth for your finances, resources and projects

  • Maximise utilisation, control WIP and respond to scope changes without being slowed down by technology

  • Match your people’s skills and career goals with project requirements to place the right people on the right projects at the right time

  • Reconcile international currencies and languages for global project execution

  • Track the present, report on the past and forecast the future for superior project management

Looking for a better way to manage your projects?

Designed for your people

Inherently flexible enterprise accounting software, designed around the ever-changing needs of your people. 

    • Maintain financial control – Manage  project and services execution for increased margins and profitability.
    • Streamline accounting processes – Generate proactive, predictive budgets based on planning software what-if scenarios.
    • Bill with precision – Streamline AP/AR processes through integrated workflows and process automation for an optimised cash flow.
    • Be a strategic business partner – Use business-wide visibility to advise colleagues how to stop profits falling between operational cracks.
    • Drive business transformation – Execute mergers and acquisitions smoothly without the need for system reprogramming.
    • Enable operation efficiency – Achieve more with the same resources by optimising and automating processes and reducing manual steps.
    • Restructure rapidly - Instantly view, create or modify organisational structures faster than any other system on the market.
    • Improve user adoption – Provide your people with an inherently flexible architecture and user-friendly interface.
    • Execute profitable projects - Use real-time project visibility and planning tools to deliver on time, in scope, within budget.
    • Forecast effectively – Proactively plan using real-time data to identify future capacity constraints.
    • Optimize resource utilisation – Set the perfect project teams; assign the right people with the right skills on the right projects.
    • Collaborate to motivate – Discuss key challenges with your team through online chat and task sharing capabilities.
    • Attract and retain the best talent – Plan and match skill levels to project pipeline and requirements to recruit and on-board the right people.
    • Operate on a strategic level – Use integrated perspective of HR, finance and projects to extend influence beyond Human Resources functions.
    • Respond with agility – Make changes to model and execute new organisational structures, processes and reporting without coding.
    • Nurture and develop employees – Ensure comprehensive support for all aspects of your hire-to-retire cycle and payroll processes.

Deliver superior customer service

Our solutions give Professional Services Organisations the edge to outperform the competition:

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  • Deliver agile systems that can be changed by users without the need for complex recoding ensure you can immediately react to shifting customer expectations.

  • Empower all team members with personalised KPIs so they can track performance against contractual obligations.

  • Boost performance of your project teams with intuitive, collaborative tools that work the way they work, and allow team members to focus on achieving customer satisfaction wherever they are in the world.

What does end-to-end project success look like?

Unit4 Business World is a scalable, people-centric ERP solution for Professional Services Organisations.

It combines great user experience with powerful capabilities tailored towards your people, all combined with built-in reporting tools and analytics, providing the insight you need. Improve visibility into utilisation, project future revenue and map "what-if" scenarios to ensure consistent, planned and predictable revenue.

The result is a complete overview of your finances, people and projects, so you can translate project success into achieving your organisation’s strategic goals. 

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Cloud Your Way

Our unique Cloud Your Way design empowers your team to move solutions in whole or in part between public cloud, private cloud and on-premise deployment.  You achieve compliance and security as you control what goes on the cloud and when it gets there. That is the power of Business World’s Cloud Your Way.

The solution that we deliver has the same functional depth, no matter how you choose to deploy it.