Unit4’s General Business Principles state that Unit4 will do all that is reasonable and practicable to minimize any adverse effects of its activities on the environment.

To that end Unit4 will:
  1. Commit to continuously seek to improve environmental performance.
  2. Raise awareness and encourage participation of employees in environmental matters.
  3. Encourage staff and contractors to further highlight opportunities for energy savings.
  4. Comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.
  5. Understand the resources consumed by the Unit4 Group and any waste products created.
  6. Aim to reduce the amount of waste produced and, where waste is unavoidable, to ensure its safe and effective disposal.
  7. Conserve resources and prevent pollution.
  8. Purchase and use environmentally friendly resources wherever practicable. 
  1. Seek out ways of achieving more efficient use of resources such as paper,
  2. Optimize business travel (in view of minimizing CO2 emissions).
  3. Consider energy consumption and carbon emissions when purchasing, refurbishing and leasing properties.
  4. Seek to use sustainable sources of energy where it is commercially feasible, to reduce overall carbon emissions.
  5. Promote practical ways of conserving energy and water to employees.
  6. Ensure that renewable energy is always considered as an option when making supply procurement decisions.
  7. Expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors.
  8. Monitor the progress and review the environmental performance on an annually basis.
  9. Promote this Environmental & Energy Policy within the Unit4 group.


This Environmental & Energy policy is subject to regular review and is communicated to all employees within the Unit4 group and other interested parties. Responsibility for maintaining this policy resides at Unit4 Managing Board level.