Additional Sectors

Unit4 provides a better combination of more agile solutions, so that you can address your general and sector-specific requirements more effectively and adapt easily to evolving business needs.

Our expertise is built from over 30 years of knowledge and experience of working with organizations from a wide range of sectors. As we have worked with them to deliver strategic and long-term business benefits, we have often enhanced our products and services or created dedicated solutions to meet their specific needs.

Our internationally available solutions are complemented by various regional specializations that are available from one or more of our teams around the world. Our regional expertise has enabled us to develop specific solutions to cater for local requirements for a range of sectors.

  • Unit4 and prevero for Energy

    prevero has been working with energy and utilities companies for over 20 years to meet the challenges of shifting market conditions and an evolving regulatory landscape.

    prevero.utilities offers an integrated Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence solution, so you can manage operational and financial performance and meet regulatory requirements.

    Using our rich Self-Service BI capabilities you can develop your own solutions individually and then seamlessly integrate them to meet your needs.

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  • Unit4 and prevero for Airports

    Every airport is different, each has its own unique challenges and opportunities and that’s why our solutions are designed to be flexible and scalable, to help you realize your goals, as your business continues to evolve.

    Unit4 delivers enterprise applications created specifically for service and people-focused organizations, including our flagship self-driving cloud ERP solution: Unit4 Business World On!

    prevero enables airports to unify the strategic concept of the business with their financial and operational plans – all on one single platform: prevero.airports

    Read more about how Unit4 is helping AGS Airports Ltd.

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  • Unit4 for Accountancy

    Unit4 has over 30 years of accountancy industry expertise with an extensive history of providing accounting firms with full visibility, accurate and up-to-date information; collaboration and management of finances, data and audit processes - even through the constant challenges of business change.

    Our solutions have been developed specifically to help external accountants, internal auditors, controllers and CFOs to control their projects and repetitive processes, improve efficiency, focus on strategic activities and improve the quality and breadth of information generated.

    Unit4 Account Analysis - Straightforward audit tools for fast, simple, cost-effective financial auditing and management information.

    Unit4 Audit & Control - A best-in-class solution for full visibility and management of recurring finance, control and audit processes.

    Unit4 Statutory Reporting - Smarter financial reporting – enabling full IFRS compliance and tuning to local GAAP.

  • Unit4 for Financial Services

    Unit4 is a global expert at helping financial services companies improve their financial management and operational efficiency, even when they are constantly challenged by business change. Our customers include insurance companies, investment firms, large banks, credit management firms, and asset recovery companies from around the world.

    Our range of finance-based management solutions help leading Finance organizations make good strategic decisions, minimize disruption, maximize use of resources and satisfy regulatory reporting requirements.

    Unit4 Financials Business World Edition - Our agile, people-centric, fully-integrated ERP software is supported by a full range of integrated operational modules (Project Planning and Budgeting, HR and Payroll etc.).

    Unit4 Financials – Our award-winning, specialized financial and accounting software easily integrates into industry- and company-specific systems (like trading systems, underwriting systems, etc.).

  • Unit4 for Travel Management

    Travel Management Companies need every advantage to compete in the ever-changing dynamics of the sector, with increased competition from both international as well as regional players. Unit4’s fully integrated end-to-end business information system provides improved customer retention, improved profitability, and an enterprise-view of your combined travel and financial data.

    We have partnered with Sabre Travel Network to create Sabre® CentralCommand™ with Unit4 Business World to help you overcome these requirements easily, while maintaining the integrity of your own business processes, and internal reporting needs.

    Sabre® CentralCommand™ powered by Unit4 is the only back office travel management software offering a fully integrated end-to-end business information system for travel agencies and travel management companies.

  • Unit4 for Healthcare

    Unit4 has decades of experience of working with healthcare organizations, developing solutions that deliver visibility, efficiency and value as standard. We bring global expertise to local markets, allowing healthcare organizations to benefit from change-embracing software solutions and quality support, while supporting cost saving and efficiency initiatives.

  • Unit4 for Retail

    We understand the wide range of different retail businesses and their issues and needs. We supply many of the largest retail companies with applications that support effective decision-making and profitability tracking – from fashion to furniture, to retailers with complex financial requirements or multiple international outlets.

  • Unit4 for Transport & Logistics

    Our software solutions are ideally suited to support transport and logistics organizations in a demanding and complex trading environment, where access to reliable financial intelligence, and comprehensive analysis and control of financial accounting information can set a company apart from its competitors and contribute to its continued success.

  • Unit4 for Media & Publishing

    The challenges facing the media and publishing industry, including the need for flexibility and tighter cost controls, are addressed by Unit4's portfolio of software solutions. We provide best-of-class applications that can be integrated across the enterprise to ensure full visibility and control.

  • Unit4 for Facilities Management

    Unit4 has a long history of supplying Facilities Management organizations with the agile and powerful software solutions they need to succeed. Our solutions are perfectly suited to meet the Enterprise Resource Planning, property, project and financial management needs of your organization.