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Since 1998, Business Collaborator Ltd has developed document management and project collaboration software, supporting our customers at every step of the journey. Business Collaborator is our flagship product that delivers benefits through document management, project collaboration and customisable workflow.


About Business Collaborator 

Business Collaborator Ltd is focussed on meeting the needs of the construction, engineering, architecture and asset management industries. Business Collaborator provides class leading integration with the Unit4 Agresso Document Archive, delivering powerful document management and project collaboration capabilities in the cloud to customers and the third parties they work with. Business Collaborator is proven capable of delivering both small projects and very large projects with hundreds of thousands of documents and many thousands of people on the project team. Business Collaborator's configurable data and workflow let the system match a customer's requirements.

The BIM module lets the whole project team share and view 3D Models in real time in a web browser. Enabling very large models to be viewed, filtered and searched gives a better understanding of the asset through its virtual representation. Any customer that designs, builds or maintains assets should be excited at the benefits and cost savings that BIM can bring to their organisation.

The Assure module ensures the things you do are correctly documented, follow process, adhere to standards, are easily auditable, meet agreed milestones and are ready for handover. If your organisation manages programmes or portfolios of projects Assure can help save you money. One customer reported a ROI of 40 hours saved per project, per month across a programme of hundreds of projects.

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